How to Use a Simple MLM Marketing System To Recruit Leaders and Maximize Profits

You know, If you really think about the raw definition of an MLM Marketing System its this, any system that helps you build your mlm business either by personally recruiting or empowering your team members to build. But if it could do more than that? What if it could provide a roadmap to get into profit fast and helped you solve the 2 biggest, most painful problems your business faces in the 21st century?

Those 2 problems are -

  1. A lack of quality leads
  2. Lack of positive cash-flow


The MLM Marketing System I'm going to introduce you to in a minute will do just that

Now, follow me here. Don't you believe you could have an easier time building your MLM business online if you could provide those solutions to others?

Think about it… If 99% of network marketers suffer from the same problem and many of them will spend a lot of money to solve those problems for themselves.

But why would I want to target an existing network marketer to join my business? Don't they already have a business?

Yes, but here's the reality.

They are all looking for the solutions to those 2 main problems I mentioned.

And they are certainly not all married to their network marketing company! When you can position yourself as the leader and authority in their eyes, and show them how joining your business will provide them with something that they don't currently have like, better timing and positioning in the company; More team support and training; or simply the ability to make more money in a shorter period of time, they will drop whatever mickey mouse MLM or team they are with and doing and join up with you ; ) Okay maybe that was a bit harsh.

I'm sure they have a quality business but lets get real, yours is better right?

And its pretty cool how it works!

Here's how my online mlm marketing system helps you build your business with more speed pleasure and ease. Watch this recorded google hangout about how we use a simple mlm marketing system to recruit leaders and maximize profits.

Click here to visit the website, get some free training and check out the mlm marketing system me and my friends use to build our businesses online.

What is an MLM Attraction Marketing System?

The mlm marketing system I've used to build my business for the past 4 years followed the principles of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is basically getting prospects to come to you, asking about joining your team rather than the other way around.

its about becoming the hunted rather than the hunter. Another important principle that makes our attraction marketing system effective is that we provide ways for you to sell the system itself as well as other products where you make a commission when someone buys from you. Now at first this can be a hard pill to swallow for network marketers. Actually leading with an online mlm marketing system, selling the system, then introducing your mlm on the back end once you've gotten them as a customer. But when you position yourself as the leader and authority in the eyes of your prospects its important to realize that your MLM business is not a one size fits all solution.

You become viewed by your prospects as the doctor. And the doctor doesn't give the same prescription to the patient that comes in for a headache as he does for the patient with the broken leg. And its way easier to built trust and rapport with your prospect who you met online by selling them a solution first, and your business second, after you've established that trust. Its kinda like putting them into some kind of buyer holding pattern until they are ready to join your business business.

And often when you do end up recruiting them, you now have a qualified, educated team member ready to build your organization and drive the growth of your residual check!

Click here now for free training and to discover how to employ my mlm marketing system to get leads and sales for your business! If you liked this post you should check out my post about how to attract daily MLM opportunity leads for your business.

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