Investing in Your MLM Business


The best money hedge or inflation hedge is not Gold, Real Estate or Stocks. 

It's investing in yourself.

One day an MLM Leader called me and said,

"Hey, I got $5,000 to invest in our company's stock. Wouldn't that be a good investment? I can get a great return!"

My answer was,


"It's nice that you want to invest in a hot growth stock. I can't really predict if the stock price will go up or down. However, let's say it goes up. In fact, you pick buying the stock at the perfect time and your stock goes up 40% over the next 12 months. Wow! What a return. That means your $5,000 investment is now worth $7,000 with your 40% increase. Can't argue with that. That's a good return.

"However, what if you invested the same $5,000 in your business? Maybe you drove across the country and visited your top groups. While giving your meetings, your message touched just one person who joined. That person became a leader, built a group, and earned you $1,000 a month . . . for life!


"Or, you run a series of display ads looking for people who are dissatisfied with their careers and willing to invest one or two years into learning how to build a networking business. Your ads attract three new leaders who are anxious to build their MLM Business. What would you rather have in your business?

  • A $2,000 extra return on your $5,000 investment from a good pick from the stock market?

  • Or, would you rather have three new leaders building their MLM Business?"

The choice is easy. 


Invest in yourself and in your MLM business because you can get a better return on your investment. There is nothing wrong with stocks, bonds, real estate . . . we're just looking for the best and safest return on our Investment.

Or, as I like to say,

"Invest in yourself unless you'd feel it's a poor investment."





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