What if you never had to worry about writing compelling ad copy, or finding responsive, inexpensive leads again?

What if you knew how to target ANY group of people in under 20 minutes with low risk and improve upon your massive lead generation regularly?

What if you could have all this and provide it for your team to capitalize on also?

This Wednesday, June 6th, at 9pm EDT MLSP’s Master Marketer, L3 Industry Leader, Rachael Macgregor is going to show you exactly how she is able to generate fast, responsive leads using solo ads.

Not only will her training help you build your business it will show you how to develop a lead co-op for your team! Now that’s leadership value you must have!

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9PM Eastern (5 Gmt)
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific
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Rachael will show you how to use MLSP and Solo Ad Marketing together without having to write “fancy” ad copy or spend hours in front of your computer, or EVEN have any tech skills.

Some tempting facts and figures:
* Easy lead generation method that anyone can do.
* Push button leads…no waiting for ads to be approved or for traffic to come through.
* Leads for as little as 14c each
* Build your list from zero to 2k in as little as 2 months
* No ad writing skills necessary
* A little trick for getting free leads while helping your team grow
* No big time input required, I work 12 hours a week and generate up to 141 leads per day, for pennies.
* The fastest way to build your list, no doubt about it. Even faster than PPC.
* No trying to jump through hoops to get your ads approved, no threat of being “slapped” or having your lead source cut off.
* Can start on a minimal budget – $40

Rachael’s personal record is over 600 leads in 24 hours with this method with ad costs ranging from 14ç to 63ç!

Screen Shot 2012 05 31 at 5.52.57 PM 300x97 [Wed. June 6] Marketing With Solo Ads: Fast, Responsive Leads For Any Budget

She’s used this method to hit the leader boards for leads and sign-ups in MLSP consistently as well as other affiliate competitions.

Rachael currently works about 12 hours a week on her business, but generates between 80 and 140 leads per day – and most of her work time is spent on other things, not lead generation as it only takes 20 mins to set up an ad. An extra added bonus is that Solo Ads are “budget friendly” to get started, highly scalable, flexible and under-priced and no one can nix the ad and pull it out from under you.

Sounds good doesn’t it??!!

Register Now => http://MRJAB.weeklymarketingwebinars.com/

We’ll see you Wednesday, June 6th at 9pm EDT!