Evaluating The Network Marketing Opportunity

The Network Marketing Industry has been around for a number of years now.  The industry is comprised of men and women with the entrepreneurial spirit who believes in J.Paul Getty's philosophy of having the efforts of 1% of 100 people rather than 100% of his own efforts used in building a business.

Network marketing brings with it the dream of one day gaining the freedom of time with no salary limitation or work restrictions with no one but yourself to answer to verses Corporate America's daily routine of battling traffic in the morning and evening and coping with the fear of lay offs or being fired. Limited income, limited opportunity for promotions, and limitations on your time.

Today's network marketers are often dividing their time and energy working part-time after working their full-time J.O.B. or building their network marketing company full-time after being downsized by corporate America. Network marketing allows the individual the ability to learn essential skills (overcoming fear and leadership) to achieve their goals without the overhead and time constraints normally associated with corporate america's franchises.

The number of Multi-Level Marketing Companies that exist are in the thousands, with new companies being created literally everyday. Some Direct Selling businesses have been around for decades, while others only last for a year or two.

With so many Network Marketing Companies in existence and coming in existence, how does the network marketer find the right company with the right product and the right compensation program as the vehicle for themselves?

Look for organizations that have the following:

  • A proven track record and distribution system
  • A business plan that you can believe in and willing to share
  • strong mentor program with active leadership
  • ongoing educational programs
  • people who you respect and enjoy

The product is secondary and is considered only after the above criteria have been met. Using this as a guideline will help you find the right company for yourself that will be the best fit for your personality.

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