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If so you have come to the right place! This EPXbody review is a unbiased review that will absolutely with out a doubt help you make a wise decision as to whether or now EPXbody or EPX Body is the right opportunity for you.

EPXbody | EPX Body

EPXbody | EPX Body

 EPXbody | EPX Body – The Company

EPXbody is a New Network Marketing Start up Company founded in March 2012 in Utah. It’s important for you to note that most start up companies don’t make it past 5 years in MLM. I recommend reading my full review on how to choose a MLM opportunity that will reward you long term before you join any Network Marketing Company here. (Book Mark it and go back to it after reading this full EPXbody review)

EPXbody | EPX Body was founded by a man named Dan Putnam

It is very important when choosing a company that you choose one that has a proven leadership team and by digging a little deeper I found that Dan Putnam is also the co-founder of a Network Marketing company called Xooma that is still in business today. Xooma also offers wellness related products and appears to be the motivation behind EPX Body’s weight-loss  product line.

Here’s a brief track record I found on EPXbody.com about Dan Putnam

EPXbody  Dan Putnam CEO/ President

EPXbody Dan Putnam CEO/ President

 EPXbody | EPX Body Dan Putnam CEO/ President

Dan is a successful entrepreneur with over 17 years of full-time experience in the direct selling industry. Over the years Dan has demonstrated his ability to grow large organizations by reaching the highest achievement levels in several different companies, creating over 6-Figure & 7-Figure Incomes in each. Having built four separate business organizations from 30,000 to well over 100,000 distributors each, Dan is recognized as one of the premier experts in the direct selling industry.

Over the last ten years, Dan has created “turn-key” marketing & business-building systems for several companies, which have helped tens of thousands of home-based business owners. His systems focus on teaching people a step-by-step recipe for success and can be tailored to meet each user’s personal goals. Dan believes anyone can build a successful home-based business as long as they’re willing to put forth the effort and plug into a proven SYSTEM.

In addition to building Big Business, Dan is noted for helping coach and create multiple six-figure yearly income earners throughout his career. Dan graduated from Southern Utah University in 1996 with a degree in Psychology and now is passionate about helping people get started in their own business while they are in college so they can have the freedom to choose to do something they are passionate about.



 EPXbody | EPX Body – The Products

EPX Body’s flagship product, EPXbody Burn, is an all-natural fat loss supplement developed to suppress appetite, energy and increase metabolic rate.

But does it really and is EPXBody Burn really safe?

EPXbody Burn

EPXbody Burn

By taking a better look at the ingredients it appears safe and they say it is all natural. However I have found that on many products once you get them in your hand and read the label you really can’t know for sure. However EPX Body backs their products with a 90 day Money Back guarantee so if for some reason you have a issue you can return your unused portion for a full refund.

EPXbody | EPX Body Products Include 7 Products:

  • EPXBody Daily
  • EPXBody Burn
  • EPXBody Cardio
  • EPXBody Restore
  • EPXBody Nourish
  • EPXBody Detox
  • EPXBody Enhance
  • Nutri-Thin

 EPXbody | EPX BODY Weight loss Challenge

is a 90-day weight loss contest.

Those shedding more than 20 pounds obtain an EPXbody t-shirt plus cash money per pound loss. See the chart below for full details on Prizes.

EPXbody | EPX Body 90 day Weightloss Challenge

EPXbody | EPX Body 90 day Weightloss Challenge



EPXBody | EPX Body – The Company’s Mission

EPXbody’s company mission is “to impact our members’ health and wellness and wide range positively by supplying them with the greatest healthy items, diet and workout info, in addition to all the tools and training should help develop a successful home-based business.”.

EPXBody | EPX Body – Start up Cost and Autoship

EPXbody distributors can easily get started with a minimum product purchase of  $ 39.95 and monthly auto purchase of the same. Auto Purchase set up is mandatory in order to participate in compensation. Any serious business builder should always maintain a active auto purchase with any Network Marketing company they choose. “If your not on Autoship your NOT in Business”

EPXBody | EPX Body – Compensation

I have to be honest with you at this point all looks really good with EPX Body until I looked at their compensation plan and I will get to that in a moment but first let’s go over how it works..

EPXbody’s compensation pays 7 different ways and  is a 4×5 crossbreed matrix including:

(this is what is says on their site in their pdf)

Fast Start Bonus! Earn a 40% cash bonus every time you sign someone up with any
product purchase. * 25% to 50% of the CV will go into the matrix for the upline.

Fast Start for Trainer and Executive packages is 30%; 50% goes into the
matrix for the upline.

Customer Bonus! Earn a 40% cash bonus on every product purchase a customer
makes. ** 25% of the CV will go into the matrix for upline.

Guaranteed Minimum Check! Get your product free by enrolling as few
as four people.

Guaranteed Income! Sponsor 5 people within your first 30 days and maintain at least
2 active for 6 months, and we guarantee that you will be earning at least $1000 per
month or we will refund your money.

Monthly Commission! Earn commission on all purchases made in your entire group
whether they are made by someone you personally signed up or by anybody else
in your matrix.

Matching Bonus! Earn a 25% check match on everyone you personally sponsor
and earn a 12% check match on 4 generations of Executives. Based on EPX Body
4×5 Hybrid Matrix.

Rank Advancement Bonus! Earn cash bonuses as you advance up the ranks.

EPXBody | EPX Body – Beware of Income Guarantees

When a representative enrolls 5 Business Builders to EPXbody within their first 30 days and maintains at least 2 active for 6 months, EPX body Guarantees income of $1,000.00 each month.

Say what? 

I had to do a double take on that statement! I don’t even believe that is legal but any MLM that guarantees income I say run the other way! It’s not a sustainable business model in my experience companies lose money especially when the profit margin for their products are not that high. I could be wrong but I would feel un truthful if I did not point out what my gut instincts are screaming at me!

I also want to mention I am not fond of any matrix compensation plan since they normally fizzle out at the bottom and anybody that is fast at recruiting will more than likely not see too much spill over from a matrix. There have not been any Network Marketing companies with a matrix compensation that started 10, 20 years ago that are still here today! History repeats itself and just in 2012 I saw quite a few crash and burn.

Another very interesting approach that the team leaders have with that company is purchasing a down line. That never works either! If you want long term residual income it is best to map out a 2 to 5 year plan and build a stable business that will pay til you 90 yrs old.

Any type of fast gain in business usually leads to quick LOSS! Remember that and never fall into the trap that Network Marketing is the key to quick riches. Anyone that tells you that “Run the other way”.

EPXBody | EPX Body – Should you join?

I have not found any real bad information about EPX Body that would make this company appear to be a scam. However with the information I gave you a few seconds ago I will tell you that EPXbody is not for the person that doesn’t like to gamble or take risks. Which that is the way I am after seeing so many MLM companies fail in the past 3 yrs.


I applaud you for taking the time to get your facts and information straight before joining EPXbody and I know whatever decision you make you will be successful in your endeavor as long as you learn this valuable skill set that I share with you in the video below.


EPXbody | EPX Body Review | EPXbody Scam? Beware!


EPXbody | EPX Body – Lead Generation

As with any company that you join you need leads and people to talk to about the business it is the only way to succeed in your Home Business. Most people have no clue about how to market at all “Online or Offline” which ends up causing them to fail miserably in their Home Business. That is why I recommend anyone starting a Home Based business find a Lead Generation System that fits their needs. If you would like to learn more about this process and how to generate your own leads for EPXbody you will find the information below very enlightening.

EPXBody Reps – Invest in your skillset, make a clear business plan and end the pain and struggle! Get the leads you need to recruit upwards of 20+ people per month by learning the “Top Earner Secrets to $5k in 30 days or Less.”

EPXBody | EPX Body - Lead Generation

EPXBody | EPX Body – Lead Generation

I hope you found this post helpful in your decision making process and if you did do me a favor and share this post by clicking one of the social media buttons on this post and leaving me a comment below with any questions or comments you may have about EPXbody..

Here’s a great post that will give you more education on the industry and how to choose a MLM Opportunity that will reward you long term.

If you are a Rep with EPX Body already I would love to hear your reasons for joining or if you didn’t join feel free to share why as well. I truly believe that MLM is the greatest industry known to the human race! Let’s continue to help each other and share the knowledge.


Here’s to OUR Success!!

EPXbody | EPX BODY  Scam Review

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