My Lead System Pro | What is My Lead System Pro? Can it really help?


My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

Get all your questions answered about My Lead System Pro here..

What is My Lead System Pro, Does My Lead System Pro work? How does My Lead System Pro work?  How much does My Lead System Pro cost? When will you start to see results with MLSP? Is My lead System Pro a business opportunity?

I have been a user of My Lead System Pro for nearly 3 years now and I am often times finding that most people really do not understand what My Lead System Pro really is. In fact it probably took me about 3 months when I started to really understand what My Lead System Pro is or how it would help me to grow my business.

Of course My Lead System Pro was not the same system it is today and like any successful system improvements are always being made.

It’s actually been awesome to watch My Lead System Pro transform into the system it is today!

So if you are hear and you are checking My Lead System Pro out because you had tried it before I have to tell you that the information overload has been eliminated and the training keeps people very much on task now. My Lead System Pro has transformed through the years and is far ahead of it’s competition when it comes to tools and cutting edge training.

So over the last 3 years I have had many questions about My Lead System Pro and in this post I am going to answer the questions I hear the most. This is probably one of the most important posts I will ever do since there are so many articles, videos and people out there that have got it all wrong about what MLSP was really created for and I say that because I see people all the time thinking that My Lead System Pro is a actual business opportunity or MLM.

Which that could be the furthest from the truth! I want to stress to you that My Lead System Pro is not a business opportunity and that it is in fact a affiliate system created for Network Marketers to help them succeed in their MLM companies. It is not the other way around!

What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro is a attraction marketing system and a generic lead generation platform for the Network Marketer. Everything under the sun you need to succeed in your business is under the hood in MLSP. Anywhere from lead capture pages to fan page apps for lead generation MLSP has it covered.

My Lead System Pro also offers ongoing training and 1,000′s of hours of recorded training in the back office. Consider My Lead System Pro like a Masters degree in marketing or a online university that you can actually earn with while you learn.

Does My Lead System Pro work?

I chuckle when I get this question because what kind of person would I be recommending My Lead System Pro if it didn’t work? I mean really, really, really? Of course My Lead System Pro works!! It works if you implement the strategies and techniques taught. I mean you have to do the work and be consistent with you marketing but if you do that you will see amazing results.

Most Network Marketers are floating around in the wind not sure what to do next and basically what My Lead System Pro does is take the novice marketer by the hand and walks them through step by step videos from A to Z on exactly what to do next! Not only is MLSP great for the new person online but it’s also great for the more advanced marketer like myself since it will help you leverage your time with your team.

Network Marketing is all about duplication but obviously Online Marketing can be a bit difficult to duplicate if there is not a system that will make the perfect MLM burger every time.

How does My Lead System Pro work?

Like I said before My Lead System Pro is a attraction marketing system and basically it teaches you which ponds to fish in for your best quality prospect, which bait to use, and how to real them in. Your best target market is other Network marketers so basically My Lead System Pro gives you tools and Free offers as lure to fish with that solves the most common problem Network Marketers have which is lack of leads and leadership.

Instead of sharing with people another problem we offer them a solution to their problem. Most people could care less about your company and products! They most want to know how are you going to help them! Most people search on the internet for information as well so it only makes sense to lead with information that your prospects already want right?

After your prospect opts in because they see that the information you provide can help them. My Lead System Pro will drip your primary opportunity on them automatically however you will need to pick up the phone and give them a call as well to offer your assistance. There is training for prospecting too so don’t worry you will learn what to say to your prospects too.

I know almost 3 years ago when I found a free MLSP Facebook training on a traffic exchange I started to watch and literally I knew right then and there that this was my last hope. I was so frustrated at this point with my Network Marketing business that I was on the verge of extinction. After watching this free Facebook training I felt so relieved because I knew that My Lead System Pro had the answers I seeked. So I dived in and too my amazement My Lead System Pro really worked! I started generating a few leads a week at first but then the week after a few more and now fast forward to today I generate some days over 100 leads.

My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

You see at first you are really going to have to make up for in numbers what you lack in skill.

This is true and you will really need to focus in on your lead generation and learn while you grow. With My Lead System Pro you will be in great hands and the best part about it is MLSP has a risk Free trial for only $2 that will give you the hands on feel you need to know that success in your business is truely possible with My Lead System Pro.

Watch the video to learn exactly what all is under the hood in My Lead System Pro and get some quick tips on how to get started the fastest!!

 How much does My Lead System Pro cost?

Well honestly is could cost you millions if you don’t join but the price point for the system is a lot less than most pay for college with 4 different levels to join!

For My Lead System Pro AcademyMembership you can start for $2 for a 3 day trial and then it will cost $19.97 a month there after.

For My Lead System Pro Gold Membership you can take a 2 week trial for only $9.95 and then there after pay $49.97 a month. You will need to ask me for this sign up page if that is what you want to start with.

For My Lead System Pro Platinum Membership the cost is $99 per month which you can start for the $2 trial in the academy and simply upgrade.

For My Lead System Pro Mastery Membership the cost is $149 per month.

Watch the video so you can learn what all you get with the different My lead System Pro Memberships and any pros or cons to them..

When can you expect to see results with My Lead System Pro?

You can start getting leads immediately with My Lead System Pro. All the System Campaigns are very plug and play. Literally as you are going through the getting started section you will learn to get leads right away. Here are some of the capture pages you will have access too for free training’s to give away.. I bet you’ll want to opt in there pretty good :)

My Lead System Pro Facebook training offer CLICK HERE

My Lead System Pro Twitter training offer CLICK HERE

My Lead System Pro “Get Prospects to buy” training offer CLICK HERE

My Lead System Pro “5k In 30 Days” training offer CLICK HERE

There’s about 30 MLSP system campaigns that you get at the Mastery level but you can get a idea!!


 Who is My Lead System Pro not for?

I believe that anyone can learn the skills it takes to be successful! But honestly if your a tryer and not a doer the whole industry is not for you! You have to make a decision to be successful with anything you want to be successful with. I find a lot of the time with people they come into Network Marketing with the mentality that they will try it and see..

No, No, No wrong mindset to have!! You either want financial freedom or you don’t! The decision must be made!

For me My Lead System Pro is a no brainer! I know that in order to succeed with anything in life it is very important to get the education you need to succeed.. Are you ready to succeed? If so start investing in your skill set now and get the tools and training you need by joining my MLSP Marketing Team.


My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro


I am currently a L3 Industry Leader within the My Lead System Pro community which means I am one of few that have helped the most with the MLSL3 Industry leader April MarieP system.

I truly believe that if you help enough people get what they want you can get what you want. If you look around the industry you will see that this blog here is actually one of the top contributors for content. The key to success in this industry is to always be contributing and giving freely.

Because I share so much value to the Network Marketing community I sign up 2 to 4 people a day into my primary income streams and now live my life by design. Something that never would have been possible with out My Lead System Pro. My goal coming into Network Marketing was to regain my freedom and get out of the rat race. That was my biggest accomplishment and I achieved that very quickly learning the skills that are taught with in My Lead System Pro.

Here’s a video of me on my Harley after achieving the HUGE accomplishment of L3

Should you join My Lead System Pro?

In my professional opining My Lead System Pro is for everyone but not everyone is right for MLSP. The reason I say this is because a lot of people just don’t take their Network Marketing Business as seriously as they should and MLSP is only for the serious Network Marketing Professional. It takes consistent work on your part and is not a quick fix for the non serious marketer.

The techniques taught in MLSP work but really only if you do!


My Lead System Pro has made the decision making process of whether or not to join super easy however giving anyone that wants to see for themselves how beneficial MLSP can be a risk free trial starting at $2. So this is when I ask you how serious are you really?

If your ready to cut the bull crap and take the bull by the horns then take massive action and get started today with My Lead System Pro. I support my team in many ways and have additional training and resources set up exclusively for my team so once you join I will grant you access to all I have for my team to help you quick start your success.



Join MLSP for $2 HERE



Any questions or feedback feel free to leave them below this post and I will see you on the beaches!!

Or call me 1(321)392-2345

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Thanks for stopping by :)


My Lead System Pro | MLSP Review | What is My Lead System Pro?

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