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Thinking about joining Neucopia?

Before you join Neucopia read this non biased review first! With over 5,000 Home Based Business Opportunities and more popping up everywhere it can be hard to find one that is actually legit. Perhaps you have tried a Home Based Business before and were burnt so you want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

If that is the case you have come to the right place because I am going to give you a thorough review on Neucopia which is a brand new start up company that has crossed my desk quite a few times. Which is why I  decided to do a little more digging to see if this was a legit opportunity for people.

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Don't join until you watch this honest UNBIASED review!

Read the rest of this post for more about Neucopia that I didn't mention in the vid ;)

Neucopia Review – What is it?

Neucopia the name stands for New Abundance (Latin – Copia means Abundance, German – Neu means new)  But is Neucopia really New Abundance? That’s what we really want to know! Keep reading to find out..

Neucopia Review  - The Leadership

The company was founded by Rich Cook which I have yet to find any real sound information on the owner or proven track record but here is what I found about the CEO of Neucopia Rich Cook from their website:

Neucopia|CEO Rich Cook

With a background of success after success, Rich Cook has proven himself as one of the most versatile work from home entrepreneurs of our time. From becoming a top income earner multiple times over in the network marketing arena, to using many of the tools and strategies available to our Premier Members in NEUCOPIA to create a top income in the affiliate marketing world, Rich is a leader’s leader.

But more powerful than his ability to excel in virtually everything he does, perhaps Rich’s most powerful trait, is his ability to help others do the same.  That, along with his ability to create friendships with everyone he meets, we could not have picked a more qualified, stronger, more committed CEO than Rich Cook.

Rob Cook from also said, “I tried to research Rich Cook’s MLM history and didn’t really turn up anything.”

Having a proven track of leadership in my opinion is very important in MLM or Network Marketing. After all with out great leadership the people will perish and I have yet to come up with much on Rich Cook except for what he says on his website above.

Neucopia Review – The Company and it’s Mission 

Neucopia - The company and it's mission

Neucopia is a start up Multi-Level Marketing company and is still pretty new with only just getting started in June of 2012. Should you join a start up?  There is serious risk in joining any new company and you can learn more about that in this post I did on ”how to choose a MLM Company

Neucopia stated mission: “From the most valuable income generating products available anywhere, to our top-notch coaching and training, to our corporate team that represents an unparalleled level of leadership, at NEUCOPIA our mission is to help people create a lifestyle of ABUNDANCE!”

 Neucopia Review – Products

Neucopia has 2 levels of membership with the first level which is the “Basic Level” costing $49.95 a month and the second level which is the “Premier Level” costing $169.95 a month.

Neucopia Basic Level Membership includes:

full access to hundreds of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and income generating strategies to help you earn multiple streams of income in some of the BIGGEST industries in the WORLD.’ (per their site)

Looking at the products it appears that they are similar to many of the PLR products that you see out their today. I can’t really tell if they are products created by known names or what. For the most part they are Online Marketing courses and it appears that the courses change every month by this statement here on the Neucopia website:

Here are this month’s Basic Level courses

Neucopia Premier Level Membership Includes:

All the same as the basic above but also ongoing training and some products that were created by some established leaders online. Which every month they have a new trainer or speaker that has a product for their members to use or learn from. I am writing this post January 12, 2013 and as of right now their site has yet to be updated for the future line up. See the image below:

Neucopia training line up 1/12/2013

Neucopia training line up 1/12/2013

 Neucopia Review – Compensation Plan

Neucopias compensation plan is a hybrid 2 or 3 up Multi – Level Marketing model. Which means as a basic member you pass up your first 3 commissions and as a premier member you pass up your first 2 commissions.

Which also means that your referrals also pass up their first 2 or 3 commissions as well. Which appears to create leverage to the ignorant (Meaning people not knowing the real truth). But here is the real statistic in Multi Level Marketing:

Over 90% of people in Multi – Level Marketing in their whole career on average recruit 2 people.

Neucopia Sign up Commissions

after signing up the first 2 or 3 people the commission is $100 per referral or recruit at either level of the compensation plan. You should also note that on the pass ups you do not earn residually if you are a Basic Member on the Premier membership payments in your downline. You only earn the first commission of $100.

The pay is obviously higher if you a Premier member in Neucopia.

Neucopia Matching Bonus

If you are a Premier Level Member you get a $10 matching bonus when your directly sponsored people earn $100 off of the monthly memberships from their premier level direct referrals.

Neucopia Review – Marketing Plan

It is very important when joining any Multi Level Marketing company that their is a duplicatable process or marketing plan. It is up to any company that wants to go far to provide marketing tools. Judging by the Neucopia website it appears that is what you will be marketing. I find that the site is poorly designed and does not even have some sort of presentation to really point people too.

I would make sure that you find out about this from who ever is trying to recruit you to the opportunity. You can learn more about questions to ask about Neucopia by reading this post I did on “How to choose  a MLM Company”

Neucopia Review – Conclusion

As far as Neucopia being a Pyramid Scam or a Legit business opportunity it is really to soon to tell in my opinion.  But my friend over at does beg to differ. He says,

With nothing able to be sold in Neucopia other than company membership, that means 100% of the commissions being generated are coming out of membership fees being paid by company affiliates.

As new members join the company, the only way they are then able to earn a commission is via the recruitment of new members. Once new members stop joining, those who joined last won’t earn anything and will leave and this trickles up to the top and it all falls apart.

Whereas this is as far as a bog-standard pyramid scheme goes, Neucopia have also added what appears to be a cash gifting element to their compensation plan. When a new member joins at the Premier level, 100% of their mandatory sign up fee ($100) is directly paid out as a commission.

Quite clearly the idea behind Neucopia is to sign up as a Premier member and then recruit others to do the same. No products are being sold and none of the money inside the company is non-affiliate sourced.

Pyramid schemes are bad enough on their own, introduce a cash gifting element into the equation and they only get worse.

You should look up Pryramid Schemes on Wikipedia to find out the true definition and make your own decision. My goal of this post is only to inform the masses so they can make a educated decision that could absolutely with out a doubt save them time and money in the long run upon joining Neucopia.

Would I join Neucopia?

Absolutely not! I do not join start up companies and as far as Neucopia being a training platform it is also a MLM which would interfere with my success in the company I am already with. If you are already in a Network Marketing or MLM company and are considering using Neucopia as a tool for training I highly recommend checking with your primary MLM to find out if it is a violation of their non compete. Most good companies have them and will terminate for violation.

Neucopia just does not meet my criteria when choosing a long lasting MLM opportunity.

Neucopia Review – Lead Generation

As with any company that you join you need leads and people to talk to about the business it is the only way to succeed in your Home Business and most people only have so much warm market. And most people have no clue about how to market at all “Online or Offline” That is why I recommends anyone starting a Home Based business find a Lead generation System that fits their needs. If you would like to learn more about this process and how to generate your own leads for Neucopia you will find the information below very enlightening.

Neucopia Reps

Neucopia Reps – Stop Struggling to build your business and get the leads you need to recruit upwards of 20 people per month.

I hope you found this post helpful in your decision making process and if you did do me a favor and share this post by clicking one of the social media buttons on this post and leaving me a comment below with any questions or comments you may have about Neucopia..

If you are in Neucopia already I would love to hear your reasons for joining or if you didn’t join feel free to share why as well. I truly believe that MLM is the greatest industry known tothe human race! Let’s continue to help eachother and share the knowledge.


Here’s to OUR Success!!

 Neucopia Review

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