Ocean Avenue Review | Ocean Avenue Scam | Ocean Avenue MLM Start up Company


Ocean Avenue Review | Ocean Avenue Scam  | Ocean Avenue MLM

Ocean Avenue Review | Ocean Avenue Scam | Ocean Avenue MLM

Ocean Avenue Review | Ocean Avenue Scam

Or Just another here today and gone tomorrow MLM Start up company?

Are you scouring the internet looking for a UNBIASED Ocean Avenue Review to learn more about whether or not Ocean Avenue is a scam or legit business opportunity?

Well if you are you have come to the right place! I am not a distributor with Ocean Avenue and after scouring the internet looking for good info on this company myself I noticed there just weren’t  many good Ocean Avenue MLM Scam reviews that were unbiased.

In this Ocean Avenue Review I am going to give you facts about the company, the opportunity, and products. Along with some very sound advice through out so make sure you take some notes and read this whole article.

Ocean Avenue MLM Scam Review – What is Ocean Avenue?

Ocean Avenue is a Health and Wellness MLM or Network Marketing company that pre launched back in October of 2012. As of today’s date I have yet to find it on some of the most popular MLM company ranking websites but I am sure that is because it is still so new. One thing I am always preaching is to do your due diligence when choosing a MLM opportunity but also be aware that most MLM Start up companies never break through their 5th year in business. In fact 98% of MLM companies fail with in their first 5 years.

Ocean Avenue MLM Scam Review – Ocean Avenue the Leadership behind the company

It’s important to know the story and track record behind the leadership of any company. A proven track record is what you should look for in your decision making. Ocean Avenue was founded by Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn (photo right)

Ocean Avenue Co- Founders Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn

Ocean Avenue Co- Founders Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn

Ocean Avenue Co Founder Ken Dunn:

Retired Canadian Policeman, Kenn Dunn has quite the track record with a company called Max GXL International and became the business’s # 1  Earner leading a team of 300,000 distributors. It appears he was terminated from Max GXL for reasons I for some reason could not find. However I did find a resolved law suit between the two. I do remember hearing the news and I know quite a few top earners at this time were also terminated from Max GXL International. I believe for cross recruiting if my memory recalls correctly.

After that he moved on to another MLM company in 2010 called eVolve. Which is another Health and Wellness weight-loss company.  Since then he has co founded Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue Co Founder Fred Ninow

Fred Ninow has a track record as a self made entrepreneur with  Bank investing and he was also a co founder of Max International. He helped launch Max International in 2007 and took it to $100 million in 3 short years.

I will say that between the two they seem to have what it takes to head off Ocean Avenue which was why I decided to write this post because many are already flocking to Ocean Avenue. It just could be the next big MLM! Keep reading to find out?

Ocean Avenue – The Products

There are five different Nutrition supplements consisting of an antioxidant supplement, an anti-inflammatory supplement and an energy product. From a business viewpoint, it’s easy to see why the business is marketing health items since the Health Industry is among the fastest growing and biggest markets in all areas of business. On top of that, it’s set to triple over the upcoming years around since Baby Boomers are getting older and they’re all seeking wellness items to feel and look much better. It goes without saying that the products are really marketable, which is great to understand if you’re looking to sign up with.

Ocean Avenue Products include:


Ocean Avenue Products

Ocean Avenue Products





Ocean Avenue – Compensation Plan

Show me the Money!!! I hear ya that’s why most people get into this industry. They want the opportunity to earn while they learn.

In order to become a distributor, you need to buy one of the company’s Life Packs, which vary from $ 120 to $ 899, and then you need to maintain a month-to-month auto purchase of at the minimum 50 PV.  According to Ken Dunn, the company’s compensation strategy is actually a hybrid of a unilevel, binary and a matrix, and there are 9 ways to be paid.

Ocean Avenue also has a Vacation club that you can earn points towards trips. If you like to travel that could be very awesome!

My honest opinion on compensation plans: While everyone is fighting over which payplan is the “best”, the truth is they’re all great, they all pay around the exact same percentage (about 50 % -60 % out to the reps/ distributors (you)), and it’s all based on what you do. However some have more hoops to jump through than others and are built for the company not the rep.

Be sure to check out my post on how to choose a MLM Opportunity that will reward you long term HERE

 Ocean Avenue – Is it a Scam?

Ocean Avenue  does not appear to be a scam. The co-founders are experienced, the corporate team is strong, the items are marketable, and the compensation plan is lucrative. However all of that really doesn’t matter if you’re not consistent and haven’t any skills to succeed. Many people come into MLM and think because they joined success will just happen and that is always not the case. You have to treat your business like a real business with you being the CEO.

Ocean Avenue  – Lead Generation

As with any company that you join you need leads and people to talk to about the business it is the only way to succeed in your Home Business.  You can go to your friends and family but believe me that runs out and most of your friends and family are not qualified for Network Marketing anyways.

Most people have no clue about how to market at all “Online or Offline” which ends up causing them to fail miserably in their Home Business. That is why I recommend anyone starting a Home Based business find a Lead Generation System that fits their needs. If you would like to learn more about this process and how to generate your own leads for Ocean Avenue you will find the information below very enlightening.

Ocean Avenue  – Invest in your skillset, make a clear business plan and end the pain and struggle! Get the leads you need to recruit upwards of 20+ people per month by learning the “Top Earner Secrets to $5k in 30 days or Less.”

Ocean Avenue Review


I hope you found this post helpful in your decision making process and if you did do me a favor and share this post by clicking one of the social media buttons on this post and leaving me a comment below with any questions or comments you may have about Ocean Avenue..

If you are a Rep with Ocean Avenue already I would love to hear your reasons for joining or if you didn’t join feel free to share why as well. I truly believe that MLM is the greatest industry known to the human race! Let’s continue to help each other and share the knowledge.


Here’s to OUR Success!!

Ocean Avenue Review | Ocean Avenue Scam | Ocean Avenue MLM Start up Company

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