Magnetic Sponsoring: Attraction Marketing For the Network Marketer

marketing strategyMarketing rules the world, wouldn’t you say? Everywhere you look there’s and Ad telling you when, where, what, and why you need to buy, go to, see, or have, XYZ. Buying and selling is the name of the game, and businesses are always looking for a way to improve the system; to develop the most effective way to sell products to the consumer.

Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to the customer. It’s used to basically, identify the customer, satisfy the customer and hopefully, keep the customer by developing a relationship. Throughout history, marketing has changed considerably in conjunction with consumer tastes. The adoption of marketing strategies required businesses to shift their focus from a production orientation; producing as much as possible of a given product or service, to a marketing orientation; knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. In other words, figure out what they want and get it to them before and better than the next guy.

Reverse marketing was the next stage in this evolution of marketing. While marketing has mainly dealt with finding the right set of customers and targeting them, Reverse Marketing deals with strategies that make the customer find the company that is offering the product. Now days you can see the reverse marketing strategy all over the place, but you probably never really recognized or considered it as such. All you have to do is pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or drive down the street and you’ll come across all sorts of advertisements. Companies have gotten so good at this, that you think that when you decide to go buy something, it was actually your own idea! But was it?

Attraction Marketing and Magnetic Sponsoringmagnetic sponsoring

Out of Reverse marketing spawned the most resent and highly talked about, line of attack called Attraction Marketing. This strategy is basically the same as the Reverse marketing concept and has been working well for companies for a long time. Now, attraction marketing has been reformulated and re-coined by internet marketing guru, Mike Dillard. Attraction marketing is a technique specifically designed to inform and educated your targeted customer about who YOU are, what YOU are doing and how YOUR service or product will benefit them way before they ever decide to buy from you. It usually works like a charm; as long as you are providing VALUE and satisfying the needs of the prospect.

“People join People, not Businesses”

While Reverse marketing has mainly been utilized by big businesses and corporations, Attraction marketing has become the favorite method for Online Marketers as well as Network Marketers or Direct distributors. With the birth of the internet, the Attraction marketing system is an inexpensive and effective way for anyone to be able to attract their niche market, and at the same time brand themselves as the leader instead of the MLM Company itself.

Magnetic-Sponsoring bookMike Dillard further defined this technique and created a revolutionary system to solve a nagging problem that most Network Marketers face in their business; lack of qualified leads. His book entitled Magnetic Sponsoring is the go-to bible for many multi-level and internet marketers AND the platform for MLSP or My Lead System Pro. In it, he maps out how to have people chasing you instead of you chasing them, and explains in detail why people join people, not businesses.

This book was the defining factor for me in my decision to get into this game! Get the book, it will change the way you look at marketing and give you the motivation and the confidence to build a business that will pay you handsomely in the long run.


Offline prospecting can be a headache and sooner or later you’re going to run out of friends and family to pitch to! To tap into an endless stream of leads, you need to get online, and you need to have a system!

If you’re hurting for leads, but don’t have a fortune to spend on the training to learn how to get leads, I highly recommend that you plug into a proven system that will not only train you, but will do all of the marketing for you.

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