Vemma Review- Can It Really Take You From Health To Wealth?

Vemma 400There are very few people who promote a healthy lifestyle that have not heard of Vemma Nutritional Company. Creating leading brands in liquid nutrition, this Scottsdale, Arizona Company has become known all around the world due to the high quality products offered and to the extremely professional and constantly growing network of distributors. With all that said, you may be wondering if Vemma is a legitimate business or just another fly-by-night company.

Vemma |About the Company

The Vemma history goes back to 2004, when CEO BK Boreyko founded the company relying on a clinically studied formula to conceive and develop a whole industry that has grown beautifully throughout the years. Throughout its evolution, the company has been awarded 70 times in the United States, gaining great visibility in an era when successful business models have become fewer by the minute. Moreover, in July 2013, the company has set a record: the monthly sales have reached $20 million, double compared to the same period of the previous year.

Vemma | The Comp Plan

Benefiting from the assistance of Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D. and Chief Scientific Officer of Vemma Nutrition Company, who has put to good use his expertise in cardiology and genetic obesity, and consulting true masters in fitness, nutrition and weight management, the company guarantees the best results for each and every product designed to enhance your health.

The company’s products are distributed all around the globe by independent partners. In fact, everyone who is preoccupied by his or her well-being can become a partner and increase the family income by recommending the Vemma brands to people around them. It is as easy as that!

Vemma |Products

The Vemma products claim to impact the life of those who need to lose weight or simply want to upgrade their health level. Based on amazing ingredients, the company explains that each and every product undergoes a thorough quality control before getting to consumers.

The Vemma product line consist of:

• Vemma – a liquid antioxidant providing nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are very important for the human body, enhancing the immunity;

• Verve! – a naturally stimulating energy drink based on a nutritious formula;

• Bod•? – a complex set of shakes and fat burners which has helped thousands of people to lose weight;

• NEXT – a nutritious preservative free supplement designed for children.

The best thing about purchasing the Vemma brands is that you have a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you are not satisfiedverve-logo-orange-bk with their quality. Plus, if you are looking for a health plan to help you get rid of the excess weight, just visit the company’s website and you will get all the information you need from experts in fitness and nutrition.

Vemma |Is It Right For You

Although a lot of customers have pointed out that getting started with Vemma requires investing not at all negligible amounts of money and you really need to put serious effort into selling the products as a partner in order to make money, the vast majority of people who have tried the Vemma brands say that they are extremely happy with the outcome. Whether or not Vemma is right for you is a very personal thing. It is dependent on the amount of money you are willing to invest each month, the amount of time you are willing to put into marketing the products and sponsoring others, as well as the quality of the training Vemma offers to make sure you have the knowledge to prospect effectively. Lastly, what is your gut feeling about the company and its products? If it’s not exciting you or motivating you, then it’s probably not for you.

Vemma |Marketing System

There are 2 things that all MLM distributors need to do: prospect and market. If you don’t have a system that helps you with those 2 things, you will not be successful. That’s just a fact. There’s no way under it, over it or around it, prospecting and marketing  is the life blood of any network marking company and Vemma is no exception.

When I first started in my first MLM business, the company was great, the products were awesome, but the support and training sucked. They were still teaching the 3ft rule and “the boots on the ground” prospecting techniques. My sponsor or more like recruiter- because there is a difference, signed me up and said “ok, now go hit up your friends and family and get them to an opportunity meeting…Urrg!

Yes, they had training, as I’m sure Vemma does too, but if they are not showing how YOU can generate leads EFFECTIVELY, in a way that is truly duplicable, you will never even get started.

This is the marketing system that I use now and it is highly recommend it for not only it’s lead generating capabilities but for its profit generating abilities as well. If you would like to check it out, CLICK HERE.

marketing systemAlso, in my current MLM business, I’ve found an effective offline prospecting system that is so simple anyone can do it and the best thing is it doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, i.e. no boring 3 hour opportunity meetings. (But, that’s my little secret) =)

If you’re not interested in my system, I urge you to find a system that will not only be simple to do and teach, but that will also provide more than one prospecting option for your new Vemma business.

Bottom line is that Vemma is a large company that has become well-reputed world-wide due to its network marketing approach, but also to the high quality products provided.

Vemma may not make you rich right away, but the additional health benefits you get from the nutritional products may help you save money on medical bills.

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