Is AdvoCare a Scam or a Legitimate Business?

AdvoCare is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. This often raises the question: Is this a serious business or a pyramid scheme?

To answer that question, you need to know what network marketing actually is, and you must know what it not. In reality, network marketing is completely legal and does not meet the definition of a pyramid scheme. A ponzi scheme is a program in which people invest large sums of money with the expectation that others will do the same. Money is only made through the investment of others into the scheme. This is simply a shell game played with money, with no real sales value. A pyramid scheme is focused on taking advantage of people and therefore is very much illegal. The only way a person actually makes money in this type of scam is when someone else loses it.

AdvoCare on the other hand offers a legal and widely accepted business model that offers great opportunity for those who work diligently at it. Real products and real services are used to generate revenue. Products are bought and sold based on the need, wants and desires of the customer, not out of compulsion. Many people earn great incomes in network marketing, but it is important to note, that they work hard at it. To be successful in AdvoCare, a person must build the other members of your entire team from scratch, using the retail sales of the legitimate products offered. You will also need to help other members of your AdvoCare team succeed, as your success is tied to theirs. Network marketing is a form of retailing the products from your company are sold directly to others or you sponsor people who will be using the products for their own use or those who selling those products. In no way is anyone being taken advantage of in a business like AdvoCare.

Everyone has the same opportunity to make money with enough consistent effort. A person will not get rich overnight, no matter what anyone promises. With a solid business plan and consistent effort, you can also accomplish a great deal of success.

AdvoCare is serious business that requires serious effort and determination. The tools and strategies for your success have been proven, and should be used and implemented with diligence. The big key in network marketing is the principle of leverage. By working hard to sponsor other people into the business, you can make a percentage of commission override off of their work as well as your own. Those who are most successful, build a network very methodical manner. They dedicate themselves to that system for a pre-determined number of hours per week, knowing that it will build over time. They sponsor others and train them on the fundamentals of the company's product and sponsorship process. This process creates duplication within the business and leads to greater overall synergy of the organization. This process can add hundreds and even thousands of people into your network over time. Your time is focused on equipping others to be successful in their efforts.

With a AdvoCare business you do not need to incur huge capital investments to get started, and there are no geographic restrictions. In addition, there are no production quotas and educational background requirements either. All that is needed is a dream, and the commitment to pursue that dream with all of your heart.

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