3 Mistakes Most Network Marketers Dont Even Know Theyre Making And How To Solve Them

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, MLM & Attraction Marketing Coach

The network marketing industry is an incredible industry.  It's an industry that gives the average person a real opportunity to go into business for themselves but not by themselves.  With that said, simply JOINING a network marketing company is only the first step in your path to success. 

Obviously, to achieve your goals you need to get the right training and back it up with action.  But you also have to be aware of a few mistakes that network marketers make... that they may not even be aware they're making.

In this article, I want to highlight 3 of those mistakes and how to solve them:

MISTAKE #1: Most Network Marketers Promote Their Company, Product And Comp Plan FIRST - Whether you're marketing online or offline, there is a universal rule you need to understand: People buy from and join other people that they like and trust.  You can have the greatest opportunity on the planet but if people don't like and trust you, you'll have a hard time building your business.  Also, doing this doesn't separate you from the THOUSANDS of reps in your company who are promoting the same product and comp plan.
SOLUTION: Brand Yourself Instead Of Your Company - By building YOU, INC. and establishing YOURSELF as a expert, you build confidence in your prospects that you are someone who can help them achieve their goals.  In other words, you give them a reason to partner with you.  Everyone wants to partner with a LEADER and by branding yourself as one, you'll become a magnet. 

MISTAKE #2: Most Network Marketers Use Their Company Replicated Website - This doesn't separate yourself from the THOUSANDS of other reps in your company that are using the SAME exact site.
SOLUTION: Create A Personal Website Or Blog - This is an extension of SOLUTION #1 because having your own personal website or blog separates you from everyone else and helps brand YOU.  Sending prospects to a company replicated website doesn't really create a "connection" with your prospects.  Keep in mind, people don't join businesses, they join other people they like and trust.  Because you can add your story, post pics and upload videos to your personal website or blog, your prospects can "connect" with you better than they can through a replicated site.

MISTAKE #3: Most Network Marketers Are Using And Duplicating Outdated Techniques - Being in the industry for 12 years, I've utilized a lot of the old-school methods of building a network marketing business.  To this day, I STILL teach and promote EFFECTIVE offline techniques that have worked, and continue to work, for us in building an organization.  With that said, I also believe that some of the old-school network marketing techniques are outdated and ineffective... and at the very least, NOT duplicatable.
SOLUTION: Besides Using EFFECTIVE Offline Techniques, You Should Utilize And Leverage The Internet To Build Your Business -  By doing this, you can position yourself in front of a TARGETED audience who are ALREADY open to, or looking for, a network marketing opportunity.  How refreshing would it be to have a conversation with someone who's ALREADY open to the idea of making money from home or getting involved in a network marketing opportunity, as opposed to walking up to a stranger at the mall and pitching them on an opportunity... before they even implied an interest that they were open for one.  Also, the internet also gives you the opportunity to build autopilot cashflow systems (ex. affiliate marketing) so you can generate income to offset some of your expenses while building your business.

In my opinion, network marketing is THE best industry to be in if you're goal is to design the lifestyle you and your family want... while making a great income.  Just make sure you're giving yourself the best chance of succeeding by branding yourself, standing out from the crowd and leveraging effective techniques to build your business.

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