3-Way Call Your Way To Success - The Top 5 Reasons To Utilize 3-Way Calls To Build Your Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, MLM & Attraction Marketing Coach

One of the most powerful tools in a network marketer's tool-belt that's often under-used is a 3-way call.  3-way calls are extremely powerful when used properly.  In this article, I want to highlight 5 reasons why you should utilize 3-way calls to build your business:

Reason #1: It's The Best Way To Learn - It's often been said that 1 hour in the field is better than 10 hours in the classroom.  In other words, you can read scripts and ask your sponsor what to say or how to say it... But none of that compares to actually listening to them on the phone or listening to them answer a prospect's questions LIVE.  Do you truly want to learn how to professionally handle a prospect's questions?  Stop reading about what to say and get a prospect on the phone with your leader.  I promise you, you'll get more from listening to that 3-5 minute phone call than any script you can find.

Reason #2:  It's Duplicatable - In network marketing, you have to focus on duplicatable techniques if you want to grow your business fast.  Getting on the phone with a prospect and fumbling over yourself for 20 minutes in an attempt to EXPLAIN your business opportunity is NOT duplicatable.  But getting on the phone and 3-way calling your leader into the call is.  Not everyone can explain... But everyone can edify and 3-way call their leader onto the phone with their prospect with the purpose of INVITING (still NOT explaining!) them to the next sizzle call, webinar, luncheon, meeting, big event, etc.

On a side note: Do you want to know why your team members don't attempt to get on the phone more?  It's because they're not confidant and they probably feel like they can't explain the business to someone properly.  But how many more phone calls do you think they'd get on if they knew they just had to initiate the process and then get their sponsor (YOU) to do all the talking for them?  As a leader, wouldn't you love to be in a situation where you have your phone ringing all day long with pre-interested prospects/leads that you can talk to and bring into your team?

Reason #3:  Get Yourself Out Of The Way - If you've been in the industry for more than 30 days, you've probably heard the terms "recruit up" or " recruit reds".  If you want to explode, you have to "recruit up".  In other words, you want to recruit people that are center of influences and that have threads of success in their backgrounds.  But how can you sponsor people like that if you're just getting started or don't have a value gap to offer that potential leader?  You get the heck out of the way!  Learn how to properly edify your leader and 3-way call them onto the line... and shut up!  Using your leader to help you recruit a "red" is 100 times more effective than you trying to recruit them by yourself.  Don't let your ego stop you from bringing someone into your business that can potentially be a superstar!

Reason #4: Leverage Someone Else's Story - The reality is "facts tell and stories sell".  Let your prospect hear another person's testimonial.  Maybe they'll relate more with your leader's story or personality than they can relate to yours... And that's OK.  Every person you talk to will have different reasons for exploring a network marketing opportunity.  Learn to identify what their reasons are and leverage someone in your upline who got involved with the business for the same reasons and is succeeding. 

Reason #5: Let Someone Else Be The "Bad Guy" - If you have the type of personality that's afraid to ask for the prospect's business or maybe you're not confidant enough yet to go for the "close", let your leader be the "bad guy".  Assuming you've done your job and edified your leader properly, you'll discover that they will have no problem "closing" your prospects for you.

If you're not utilizing 3-way calls to build your business, I want to encourage you to start using them so you can grow your business and get momentum fast.

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