4 Core Foundations for Success in Network Marketing


There are various key elements for success in Network Marketing, and regardless of the company your with, the product your selling or the layout of your compensation plan, these 4 Core elements will determine whether you sink or swim in this industry, and if you’ll ever obtain the key to true success.

It’s not unusual to hear stories about numerous people who have made several attempts at joining various companies but never made one sale or earned a penny from their companies.  These same individuals tend to end up bitter and calloused about the industry, while spreading the “it doesn’t work” gospel, all because they didn’t implement these 4 Core Elements.

If you’ve been wandering why so many people struggle in this industry, while others breeze through like Michael Jordan on the court, the answer lies within these 4 Core Principles.

Network Marketing may appear to be complex and mysterious, but it’s really a basic set of principles that must be implemented BEFORE you will see any success. Top Earners have had their hands on these principles for years, and now you will too!

Network Marketing Success Principle #1: Know What You Want To Accomplish

Upon your first day in the business, it’s common practice to have your sponsor coach you on the “What is your why” speech.  Whether you dismissed this pivotal step as just another clichéd canned speech, or you strongly considered “why” you’re in this industry, I want you to take the time out to really think about what you want to accomplish and why?

The challenge with entrepreneurship is that everything sounds great in the beginning.  With countless ideas floating through your mind and the internal fireworks popping in your head around all the possibilities of success and potential financial growth that awaits you, it’s so easy to get excited “at first”.

However, once the excitement fades and reality kicks in, it’s just as easy to grow discouraged, fatigued and burned out because your vision isn’t manifesting fast enough.

Having a vision and knowing what you want to accomplish is so important for this very reason.  In those moments when you do face opposition (which you will), and you run into challenges, you want to have clarity as to why you’re doing what you’re doing to begin with.  That way, no matter what you face, you have the motivation to press beyond the challenges and get closer to your goals.

Goals create purpose, purpose creates energy, energy creates focus and focus gives you the motivation and drive to do what it takes to succeed!

Network Marketing Success Principle #2: Determine What You Are Willing To Give Up To Reach Your Goals

This is HUGE!!! Far too many people underestimate their responsibility of “giving up a few things” in order to succeed.  The bottom line is that success isn’t comfortable and neither does it happen by mistake.  It’s a very intentional act that requires some level of compromise in the process.

For example, you may have your favorite shows that you like to watch or a hobby that you like to pursue in your spare time.  However, when you commit tobuilding your business, those shows may be missed and your hobby may be placed on hold temporarily in place of you investing time to market your business, attending networking events and hosting business opportunity meetings.

If you establish what areas you’re willing to compromise on the front end in order to achieve your goals on the back end, this step alone will reveal if you have what it takes to be a leader in this industry.

Network Marketing Success Principle #3: Surround Yourself With Like Minds

Simply put, Your Network = Your Net Worth…

In this industry, you have the pleasure of being in the company of Millionaires, positive thinkers and Dream Builders.  Network Marketing is one profession that consistently promotes the message that you MUST maximize your life and commit to personal development every day.

The key to bringing this message to life for yourself is to do whatever it takes to get around those who are where you want to be.  You will no longer desire to be around your mediocre friends who live their lives based on “what happens, happens!”.

Instead, you’ll want to live an intentional life by surrounding yourself with sharp people who challenge you to grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone.

If you take heed to this wise council, you’ll find yourself soaring with Eagles rather than quacking with ducks.

Network Marketing Success Principle #4: Have A Plan & Work It

A strategic plan of action is extremely important in the process of building your Network Marketing Business.  Retailing and Recruiting are obviously the ways to generate income in this industry, but if you want to really leverage your business and the efforts of others, you must know the following things:

A. How much you want to earn, and what it take to earn it?
B. What systems are in place for the sales process of building your business?
C. What are the Income Producing Activities, and what should you be doing daily to get closer and closer to your goals?

Once you’ve mapped out the numbers, the system and the activities, your destined to exceed every goal you have “IF” you focus on taking action!

These 4 elements are extremely critical to the success of your business and if you focus on these core elements up front, you’ll find yourself sailing to the top amidst the other 3%’ers and living the life that you both envisioned and planned. And while hard work is still required, having these 4 core foundations in place will significantly position you to have success in Network Marketing.

To Your Success,

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Jaime Soriano

Internalizing These 4 Core Foundations For Success In Network Marketing Will Put You On Your Way To Building A Prosperous Business For Yourself And Family

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