4 Things To Look For In A Home Business

What To Look For Before Joining An MLM Company

By:Jaime Soriano October 6, 2014

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MLM Tips What To Look For Before Joining An MLM CompanyFour Criteria To Look For When Choosing A Home Business To Join

With the declining economy and job market, more and more people are turning to Network Marketing for financial relief. In fact, the very same people who would have looked down upon the MLM Industry are now open to the idea of making extra income from home. If you do even just a little bit of research, you’ll quickly see that Network Marketing is probably the best business model for companies looking to sell a product or service. Why? Because it’s a win-win-win scenario for all the parties involved. The company itself saves a ton of money on old, outdated marketing methods. The end-customer benefits because the amount of money saved on advertising is passed on to them so they’re usually paying less for the product, without sacrificing quality. And the distributor has the ability to earn income sharing great  products and services. With that said, all MLM companies are not created equal. And while most of them are solid companies with great products, if you want to build a long-term sustainable business, there are a few things you should look for before joining a company.

Here are 4 criteria you should look for before joining an MLM company:

#1. Look For A Product/Service That Doesn’t Change People’s Habits

If you can market a product or service that doesn’t require you to educate people on and change their habits, you’ll be way better off than if you had to convince people to start using your product. Let’s face it, people are lazy and they don’t want to add “new” things to their routine. So just accept it and move forward. A great example of a product that doesn’t require you to change one’s habit is coffee. Now, I’m not endorsing a specific company. Nor am I saying that coffee MLM companies are superior to others. However, marketing a drink that almost the entire world already consumes is a no-brainer. Another example is energy. Marketing energy is a no-brainer because people already use it and pay for it. And they will continue to use it and pay for it forever. Selling coffee or energy is way easier (in my opinion, of course) than selling a health drink with a “magic” fruit in it that no one has ever heard of. and you have to convince people to drink it and spend $100-$200/month for.

#2. Look For Residual Income Potential That Depends On Customers, Not Reps

Personally, I’d rather have a residual based on an actual customer base because it’s more secure and sustainable. Building a customer base (or a “book of business”) pays you a more dependable income. Why? Because happy customers will pay for their product/service no matter what. Think about it. If you had 10,000 real, actual customers (that were not reps also) in your group, if your entire team quit or moved to another hyped-up, pre-launch deal, nothing would happen to your residual income because it’s based on customers. Retail customers don’t get caught up in hype and typically don’t move to another deal. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for distributors. Here’s the deal: 80%-90% of your group will either stop their autoship, quit the Industry altogether, or jump to another deal within 12 months. Now, I’m not bashing the Industry, it’s just the reality of how things work. Sure, you can still build a good income by just bringing in new people as old people quit, but that gets tiring and you can’t do that forever. It makes more sense to build a true customer base so if (and when) reps on your team quit, your income doesn’t get decimated.

#3. Look For A Product That Has Mass Appeal That You Yourself Would Pay For

One of the questions I ask myself when looking at a company is, “Would I continuously pay for this product/service even if there wasn’t an MLM Opportunity attached to it?” Simply put, if you can answer YES to this question, then you can build a retail customer base of happy money-spending customers, which will pay you residual income. If you can’t answer YES to this question, and you yourself wouldn’t be a retail customer of the company, how do you expect to get others to buy the products? Make sure you see value in becoming a customer of the product yourself.

#4. Look For Upline Leadership (Sponsor) You Like And Trust

If you join a solid company that sells a great product, but you hate and don’t trust  your business partners (specifically, your sponsor and upline leadership), you’ll never build a long-term business. You’re never going to make a true commitment and give it everything you got, while second guessing your leader’s intentions and not taking their advice because you don’t trust them. This is critical because without a commitment, you won’t build a strong income and team. Make sure you chat with your potential sponsor before pulling the trigger so you feel good about planting your flag and building your business.

So there you have it…

Four Criteria To Look For When Choosing A Home Business To Join

If you cross-reference your business with these criteria, you’ll be better positioned to build a long-term, sustainable residual income.

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