8 Tips To Prospecting And Recruiting That Will Significantly Increase Your Results


So you’ve just joined a network marketing company, and you’re super pumped about building your business. Regardless of whether you’ll be marketing a product or service, or whether you’re company has a unilevel compensation plan or a binary compensation plan, you’ll have to get good at prospecting and recruiting other people if you’re going to build an organization. In this article, I’ll give you 8 prospecting and recruiting tips that will definitely make a difference in your results. Also, I’ll give you a few general concepts about prospecting and recruiting that should move you towards having the right mindset you’ll need to have to build a growing and thriving network marketing business.

Now before I go into the 8 specific tips I said I would give you, I want to outline a few important concepts about prospecting and recruiting that most new marketers are clueless about.

First and foremost, you need to understand that when you’re prospecting, or piquing people’s interest, you’re not trying to sell, strong-arm or convince people to join your business. Trying to shove your new business down someone’s throat will give you little to no results. Unless the result you’re going after is totally getting alienated by everyone around you. Instead, you should be a ‘professional sorter’. In other words, it’s important that you simply sort through people to find people that are looking for what it is you’re offering. Applying this ‘sorting’ concept, will not only save you a ton of frustration, but it will probably save you from pushing away people who may be open to your business down the road.

Another concept that is worth learning early in your business is the concept of ‘recruiting up’. This basically means you should be approaching and contacting people that are at your social and financial level and higher. For example, if you know someone who is making $80,000 to $100,000 a year already and has a track record of success in their back ground, they should be the first person you approach and contact. If you know someone who is already a business owner and is a center of influence, you should contact them next. High calibre people should be among the first people you should talk to. Why? Because they already have the work ethic and desire to succeed, and those are things you can’t teach. Also, since ‘birds of a feather, flock together’, they’ll be able to introduce you to other high calibre people you can share your business with.

Having a good understand of those prospecting and recruiting concepts will help you apply the tips I’m about to give you below:

1. Be In Your Prospect’s Shoes And Feel Their Needs

The first thing that you need to do is connect with your prospects. Try to see the opportunity that you’re presenting from their point of view. For you to understand how prospects view your offer, you need to know how they view themselves first.

Feel their needs by asking them questions about their current situation. But don’t over do it. You don’t want them to feel sorry for themselves. Remember: you’re there to help and empower your prospects, not to add burden.

2. Be IN The Presentation, Not AT The Presentation

You want to gain their approval, don’t you? Then make a presentation that will have your prospects at the edge of their seats. Get their attention and make them hang on to your every word. You don’t want to bore them with an “automatic pilot” presentation. There is nothing worse than sitting through a presentation and not feeling the presenter’s presence.

3. If Your Prospect Is Not Interested, Don’t Push It

The last thing you want to do is to chase your prospects away. If you sense outright rejection from your presentation, don’t push it. You can’t make everyone join your business. When they say “NO” to you, they mean it. This isn’t the time to give them a bunch of rebuttals. All you have to do is convey the message as clear as you can and respect whatever their decision will be.

4. Mention Your Prospect’s Name Throughout The Conversation

Do you know that the sweetest word that you can pronounce to your prospect is their name? This is most applicable in one-on-one presentations. Say their name at least three times in the first three minutes and you will keep their attention much longer than you normally would. Use it throughout your conversation and make sure that it is the last word they hear.

5. Create A Distraction-Free Environment

Before you go on with your presentation, ask your prospects to turn off their phones. If you’re conducting a webinar, make sure to begin by telling people to turn off the television and the radio, and keep the children away while they’re on the webinar. Interruptions will not only distract your audience; it can also affect your momentum. When you’ve successfully rid yourself of all the distractions, you’ll be able to get triple to quadruple the results you would have gotten without setting the environment first.

6. It’s Not About The Hype, But About The Hope

Don’t hype people into joining your business. Instead, create hope in them. Make them hope for a residual flow of income, for a better lifestyle, and for a brighter future. Hyping them won’t do any good for the both of you. It will only turn your prospects off, especially because they’ve been so hyped to death by so many companies they’ve come across already. If you want to be successful in MLM, avoid marketing hype. Focus on promoting hope. It will serve as a magnet that will pull your prospects towards you.

7. Be Patient And Follow Up With People

Not all prospective recruits can give an immediate response to your offer. Some of them need time to think it over. Don’t rush them. Instead of saying “Can I get your answer now?” try telling them “Would you like to think about this opportunity first? Would 12 hours be enough time for you?” Just give them enough time to think about it, but not so long that they push the idea to the back of their minds. They may have completely forgotten about it once you followed up if you wait too long.

8. Nurture A Relationship With Your Recruits

So you’ve successfully recruited your prospects. Do you stop there? The answer is ‘No’. You want your recruits to stick around and become your partners in the business. Build a meaningful relationship with them. Provide them with all the support that they need. Make them feel that they are in good hands. Remember, they are the people who can help you reach your dreams. So make sure that you give back and help them do the same to others.

By understanding some core recruiting concepts and applying the tips above, you’ll be much better equipped to build your network marketing business. I do want to mention that there’s no better teacher than ‘experience’. By engaging in the actual activity of prospecting and recruiting people, you’ll learn what to do and what not to do, and what works and what doesn’t.

Go ahead and put these prospecting and recruiting tips to practice. You’ll be glad you did.

To Your Success,

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