A 3rd Party Review Of One Kyss – Real Deal Or More Prelaunch Hype?


So you’re thinking about joining One Kyss, but you’re doing some last minute research before jumping on board. If that’s the case, then look no further. In this short third party review, I’ll go into some important details you should know before becoming a distributor. Now before going on, I want to disclose that I’m not a One Kyss distributor so you can bet that you’ll be getting an unbiased point-of-view.

Who Is One Kyss And What Do They Sell?

First things first, let’s go into who One Kyss is. One Kyss is a new company that sells lip balm, breath mints, energy shots and a sexual amplifier product through a network marketingdistribution model. Other than One Kyss being in prelaunch, there really isn’t much information on who actually owns the company or where the company is based out of. On their company website, there’s a short video with the company’s President, Derek Bailey, giving a short intro into the company where he explains that the company has been in formulation for the past two years. The scheduled launch of the company is on August 2011 and people can lock their spot now for free to get in early and then upgrade later to activate their position. Personally, if I can’t get information on the people behind the operation and a physical address for a home office, my red flags start waving. Of course, this does not automatically mean that One Kyss is a scam. The company is so young that they may start rolling out information as they get close to their launch date.

How Do You Make Money With One Kyss?

The compensation plan operates on a 3X9 Forced Matrix model. Based on their company website, assuming all the 29,523 spots in your matrix are filled and active, you can earn $24,000 a month in matrix commissions (of course, that’s a “perfect world” example). You can also earn up to $10 in a Fast Start Bonus every time you personally sponsor someone into your team. If you truly serious about joining, my advice is to do some due diligence on the compensation plan so you know what exactly you’re getting involved with.

Should You Join One Kyss?

In closing, while One Kyss isn’t the type of business I would personally join, it may very well be a good company to join if you’re looking for a low-risk hone business. They have a very low entry fee everyone can afford ($10-$20) and they have an affordable autoship ($10 a month). Of course, time will tell if they become successful since it’s way too early to know. If you do decide to join, then marketing is something you will want to incorporate into your business. My suggestion is to leverage Attraction Marketing so you can generate leads online. If you can do that you can very well be on your way to making a nice income with your One Kyss business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your One Kyss Business?

Success with your One Kyss business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your One Kyss downline by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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