A Critical MyDailyChoice Review - Should You Join?

An Unbiased Review Of MyDailyChoice That You Must Read Before You Join

So there’s yet another company in pre-launch inside of the Network Marketing Industry, and the name of the company is MyDailyChoice. And chances are if you’re reading this, you’re looking for more information about the company and the business opportunity. In fact, you’re probably thinking about joining and becoming an affiliate. Before you pull your credit card out and sign up, I want to encourage you to take some time to read this short third party MyDailyChoice Review. I’ll cover the essential details you’ll need to make an informed decision. I do want to disclose that I’m personally not an affiliate myself, nor am I associated with the company in any way. This is a plus for you since it doesn’t affect me one way or another if you join or not so you can be sure that you’ll be getting a truly unbiased perspective of the company.

mydailychoice 1024x456 A Third Party MyDailyChoice Review From Someone Who Didnt JoinMyDailyChoice Review – Who Is MyDailyChoice And What Do They Sell?

As of this writing, MyDailyChoice is in pre-launch so there’s not a lot of information available online yet. With that said, the company does have a website and is getting a decent amount of traffic. The company sells nutritional sprays through a Network Marketing, or MLM, business model. There are 3 different sprays available right now: Peak (which is an antioxidant supplement), Boost (which is a supplement designed to boost energy levels) and Shield (which is designed to balance the alkalinity levels in your body). The benefits of sprays as opposed to taking supplements in pill form is higher and quicker absorption. The Maryland-based company is scheduled to launch on January 1st, 2015 but people can position themselves for free right now. In addition, the company is shipping to 150 countries which is good if you’re interested i building an International business.

MyDailyChoice Review - How Do You Get Paid In MyDailyChoice?

In order to become an affiliate, you have to purchase one of the company’s Starter Packs. The cost of the Packs range from $69.95 to $299.95. After purchasing the Starter Pack, you’ll be required to purchase (or sell) product monthly to stay qualified and get paid. The actual compensation plan pays out up to 85% of business volume and provides 5 ways to get paid. Here’s a quick break-down of the compensation plan:

#1. Retail Customer Commissions – You can earn up to $100 in retail commissions whenever someone buys product from you.

#2. Jump Start Bonus – You can earn a bonus when a new affiliate joins your business. The bonus is based on the Pack they join at, and is paid on your first 10 levels. You’ll earn 50% of the BV if you personally sponsor someone, and you’ll earn between 1% and 10% if someone on your 2nd through 10th level enrolls someone. Since this bonus is paid weekly, this is the upfront immediate income you can earn while building your business.

#3. Binary Commissions – This is paid on the monthly orders (autoships) inside your organization. The binary works pretty much like the standard binary compensation plan in the Industry and pays out between 8% to 20% of the BV in your pay leg. You have to be an active affiliate and you must have 300BV in each leg to qualify for Binary Commissions.

#4. Leadership Check Matching – Based on your rank, you can earn between 5% to 30% Match on the Binary Commissions earned by affiliates in your first 10 levels. There is Dynamic Compression applied so that you’ll be able to earn a Match on all active affiliates since all inactive affiliates will be compressed out.

#5. Rank Reward Points – As a top producer, you can qualify to earn points which can be redeemed for incentives ranging from products on Amazon to concert tickets. As a VIP (which is reserved for the company’s top leaders), you can earn points which you can redeem for luxury vacations, diamond rings and even dream cars.

The compensation plan certainly looks lucrative. If you’re serious about joining, I would recommend that you review the details inside the compensation plan document so you know exactly how to get paid.

mydailychoice opportunity 1024x682 A Third Party MyDailyChoice Review From Someone Who Didnt JoinMyDailyChoice Review - Is It A Good Opportunity?

The short answer is YES. The products look good and there’s definitely a need for nutritional products since The Wellness Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The compensation looks generous and the incentives are attractive. In addition, since the company is in pre-launch you can get positioned early and leverage first movers advantage. With all that in place, it seems that success would be automatic, right? Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth. Your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new affiliates and customers on a consistent basis. If you have the greatest product and business opportunity on the planet but can’t enroll a single affiliate into your business, you have no chance whatsoever. This is why I recommend Attraction Marketing. If you can learn how to market so you can get leads online, you’ll be able to sponsor new affiliates at will. And if you can do that, there’s no telling how prosperous your MyDailyChoice business can be.

Need More MyDailyChoice Reps?

I wrote this MyDailyChoice Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most MyDailyChoice reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 20-50 leads a day. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, click here and visit my Online MLM Training Website.

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