A Third Party Longaberger Review – Is It A Credible Business Opportunity Or Just Another Scam?

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for some information on Longaberger and thinking about becoming a distributor. Before you do, I want to encourage you to read this entire review so you can make an educated decision about the company and opportunity. In this third party review, I’ll cover details about the company itself, the products, the compensation plan and whether or not it is a scam.

First Things First, Who Is Longaberger?

Before I go into any information about the company itself, it’s important to note that Longaberger is most definitely not a scam but a very credible company that’s been around for 35 years. Longaberger is a company that sells handcrafted baskets and other home products through a network marketing business model. Founded by Dave Longaberger, the company is a family owned business. The company is based in Newark, Ohio and operates in all 50 states of the country. There are over 45,000 distributors selling Longaberger products to their friends and family. Currently, the company is being led by Dave Longaberger’s daughters, CEO Tami Longaberger and Rachel Longaberger Stukey.

What Does Longaberger Market?

Longaberger’s original and flagship product is their handcrafted Longaberger baskets. There are many different styles to choose from including traditional styles, seasonal baskets, American Valor designs which incorporate military colors and insignias and much bigger storage baskets. In addition to their line of baskets, Longaberger also markets basket accesories, pottery, handbags, assorted comfort foods and Collector Club Memberships, which gives members immediate access to exclusive products, offers and members-only information. Overall, the products look like they’re high quality products.

The Longaberger Compensation Plan

You can become a Longaberger distributor four different ways including a basic free membership (which is only for a limited time), a $49 Easy Start Kit, a $229 Business Basics Kit or a $459 Business Builder Kit. The main difference in the Kits is the amount of products you get in your start-up box. For people who want to get a Business Basics Kit or a Business Builders Kit but are on a tight budget, there is a six-month payment plan available.

There are several ways you can build a Longaberger business including sharing products one-on-one, home presentations and using your company replicated website to sell products online. There are a couple of ways you can earn income including 25% commissions on your personal sales, a team bonus based on your team’s growth, monthly sample discounts and company incentives. You can also earn hostess dollars, perks and rewards for hosting home parties. For the right person, Longaberger can be a fun and lucrative home business.

Is Longaberger A Scam?

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, Longaberger is not a scam. They have a 35-year track record, good products and a solid compensation plan. However, it’s important to note that those things aren’t enough to guarantee your success. While having a credible company that supports you is obviously important, at the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new people into your team, sell products and build a productive team. To do that, I recommend that you leverage an effective attraction marketing system that allows you to brand yourself and generate leads. If you can combine offline team building activities with online lead generation, you can very well be on your way to building a wildly prosperous business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Longaberger Business?

Jaime Soriano wrote this Longaberger Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate quality leads for their business. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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