A Third Party Review Of Ardyss International - Should You Join Or Is It A Scam?


Over the past couple of months, Ardyss International has burst onto the network marketing scene and a huge buzz has been created about their product and business opportunity. In this review, I will give you a short but detailed background on the company, the product , the business opportunity and most importantly, what it takes to truly prosper with a business like Ardyss International.

What's unique about Ardyss International is that, although it is a relatively new opportunity in the US, it is a 21-year old, established company that was founded in Mexico by the Diaz de Leon family. In 2007, the corporate headquarters was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and the company made a move that would set it on a different path. They opened their doors for people to join and build their own Ardyss businesses utilizing a network marketing platform.  Thousands of people came on-board, including some very well established network marketing professionals, which caused a major explosion in recruiting all across the country.

Currently, Ardyss is operating in several countries, including the US, Canada and Mexico. They've also been featured on several TV shows, news clips and national magazines. Ardyss markets products that fall into the Health and Wellness category of network marketing companies. Besides the fact that the Wellness Industry is predicted to be the next billion dollar industry, Ardyss is the only company that markets reshaping garments for men and women. And similar to other nutritional network marketing companies, they carry an extensive line of skin care products and a nutritional beverage (their own juice product).

According to the corporate website, their nutritional beverage contains five of the world's most potent superfruits - pomegranate, goji, acai berry, noni and mangosteen. In fact, the latter four superfruits have had products produced around them and marketed through network marketing companies. Ardyss nutritional beverage, called Le'Vive juice, combine all of them into one drink.

When it comes to their skin care line, Ardyss' products were created by the same company that manufactures Estee Lauder, the well known skin care line. And MAC cosmetics created the Ardyss makeup line. Ardyss has done a good job of affiliating their skin care products with big names that customers are more than likely familiar with.

Aside from a long line of reshaping garments for men and women, Ardyss' flagship product is the Ardyss Body Magic. The Body Magic flattens the stomach area, lifts the breasts, reshapes the legs and buttocks, provides back support and corrects posture. The garment which was developed by an orthopedic surgeon is supposed to be able to allow women to drop 2 to 4 sizes in a matter of minutes.

Aside from offering some very unique products, Ardyss International provides people with a business opportunity as well. Someone can get involved and start building an Ardyss business for as low as $40 all the way up to $250 plus tax and shipping. There are several ways you can get paid through the Ardyss International compensation plan along with a car bonus you can earn. The different ways you can get paid can be broken down into three categories: upfront income, back end residual income and the Power Bonuses you can earn as you move through the compensation plan.

It's my professional opinion that Ardyss International is a stable and solid business opportunity that has high quality products and a strong compensation plan. And as I stated earlier, the power of what Ardyss offers is a new and refreshing opportunity in the US, even though it is a well established, 21 year old company. With that said, simply joining Ardyss will not make you successful. It's critical to your success that you do two things: Brand yourself as a leader that people would want to partner with and generate 50-100 leads a day for your business. If you fail to do these two things, you will struggle and be dead in the water. That's why it's important to find a marketing system you can use that accomplishes both of these things, in order to cut your "success curve" in half.

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