A Third Party Review Of BodHD – Is BodHD The Next Big Thing In The MLM Industry?

So there’s a new network marketing company on the block called BodHD and from what I see it looks like the company is starting to pick up some traction. If you’re looking to join the company, I want to encourage you to read this entire review so you can be aware of what it truly takes to succeed in a company like BodHD. Understand, I am not a BodHD distributor so you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be getting an unbiased perspective of the company and opportunity.

Who Is BodHD And What Do They Market?

First things first, it’s important that you look into the company itself and the products. Why? Because partnering with a strong company will increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to build a long-term business. With that said, here are some details about the company you should know. BodHD is a new company that sells 100% organic nutritional products through a network marketingdistribution system. It is based in California and has only been around for one year. The company was founded by Ray and Daran Grimm. The Grimms have been involved in the network marketing industry since the mid-80s and have been quite successful. If getting in at the ground level of a new company excites you, BodHD is definitely worth looking into.

How Do You Make Money With BodHD?

As far as their compensation plan goes, the company has a straight line structure and pays out four different ways. The first way is through retail profits to the tune of 25%. The second way is through Fast Start Bonuses, where you can earn up to $190 on every rep you sponsored depending on your rank. The third way to make money is through residual income. You’ll earn between 2% and 8% on the volume in your first 6 levels. And lastly, you can earn bonuses from 8 different pools. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and can be quite lucrative for the right person.

Is BodHD The Next Big Thing In The Industry?

In closing, BodHD looks like a good company. There are good people on the management team, they sell quality products and the compensation plan is lucrative. Unfortunately, those things will not play a factor in your success. While it’s obvious that having a solid company supporting you is beneficial, you’re ultimate success will depend on your ability to sponsor new people into your business. My suggestion is that you incorporate Attraction Marketing into your business so you can generate leads online. If you can successfully combine online and effective offline marketing techniques, you could be on your way to building a prosperous business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your BodHDBusiness?

Success with your business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your BodHD downline by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

Additional online training to help you Sponsor BodHD Reps is available with Jaime Soriano.

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