A Third Party Review Of Mandura – Real Deal Or Just Hype?

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking into Mandura. Most likely, you’re thinking about becoming a distributor and you’re looking for a third party perspective on the company and the business opportunity. In this simple review, I’ll cover some information about the company that will help you make an educated decision about whether or not you should get involved or not. In addition, I’ll also touch upon what you can do to position yourself ahead of 95% of your competition, should you decide to join, that your upline isn’t telling you.

First things first, let’s go into the actual company. Mandura is a company that markets nutritional products through a network marketing distribution model. They’re a relatively new company, compared to other nutritional network marketing companies, and they’ve been in business since 2008. The company’s goal is to provide the average person an opportunity to improve their health, through Mandura products, and an opportunity to improve their financial situation, through the Mandura business opportunity. Currently, the company is based in the US. But, they’ve already started expanding into several countries and they’re pre-enrolling distributors in more than 30 different countries. The company’s corporate team is led by CEO Casey Yarbrough, who’s had extensive experience in network marketing having built an organization of 10,000 reps (and 100,000 customers) in 5 short years in Excel Communications.

As far as their products go, Mandura sells two different products. Their flagship product is a liquid supplement, that goes by the same name of the company. It’s made of several superfruits including durian, mangosteen, acai and blueberries. Each of these superfruits can stand alone as powerful antioxidants, but when combined, come together as an extremely powerful supplement that is reported to enhance energy, increase seratonin levels, provide joint support, provide protection against free radicals and is a great source of vitamins, protein and omega fats. From a business perspective, it’s important to note that Mandura uses an Aseptic bottling process, which eliminated the need for preservatives and increases shelf life. Mandura also sells a weight loss product called Mandura Trim, which has been shown in double-blind clinical tests to aid in fat loss and increase lean muscle.

Now, let’s cover the business opportunity. Mandura’s compensation plan provides 4 ways to get paid. The first way to get paid is retail profit. The second way to get paid is Builder Bonuses, which are paid when you personally enroll a new distributor and when a distributor joins on your 2nd level. In addition, there are also generational bonuses paid out by the company. The third way to get paid is monthly commissions based on your group volume (aka, residual income). The fourth way to get paid is Team Volume Bonuses, which is paid on your volume in the company’s straight-line forced matrix. It’s important to note that this single-line matrix means that everyone who joins the company after you will fall under you in the matrix. It’s also important to note that you’ll get paid a bigger bonus depending on what your rank is in the company. Obviously, I would highly recommend that you review the company’s compensation plan in detail so you know exactly how the single-line matrix works and how to advance through the different positions in the company.

In closing, Mandura is a good company with a solid business opportunity. They have a strong management team, great products and a generous compensation plan. In addition, if you’re looking to get involved with a company that’s in it’s early stage, with the possibility of overriding spillover reps (due to the single-line matrix), then Mandura is absolutely worth taking a look at.

With that said, it’s important for you to know that while you can certainly build a Mandura business by approaching your friends and family, you can significantly increase your chances of success by combining the traditional, offline methods of building a home based business with leveraging the internet to generate leads. Having more prospects than you can actually get to can potentially position your business to grow like wildfire. If you can generate an endless flow of leads, and partner with an experienced team of leaders, you can very well be on your way to building a solid business for yourself and your family.

Jaime Soriano wrote this Mandura Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Mandura distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their business. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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