A Third Party Review Of My Lead Company – Is It The Real Deal Or Just More Online Hype?


If you’re an online marketer, you’re probably hearing a lot of buzz about a new lead program that is hitting the market place called My Lead Company. Before you go and sign up to purchase leads from My Lead Company or sign up to become a distributor, I want to encourage you to take some time to read this entire review. I’ll cover the essential details you need to know to make an educated decision about getting involved. In addition, I’ll share my unbiased opinion on whether I think My Lead Company is the real deal or if it’s just more online hype.

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Who Is My Lead Company And What Do They Sell?

My Lead Company is a company that sells leads to network marketers and affiliate marketers through a network marketing model. The company is set to launch in 6 days, as of this writing. The company’s founder J.R. Jackson has been around the industry for years and has had success in companies like Prepaid Legal Services and Network Marketing. Currently, he and his wife are top recruiters in Team Beachbody.

As far as the leads go, the leads are accumulated from different methods that My Lead Company uses, including both online and offline methods. According the the company website, there are thousands of leads that go through the My Lead Company sales funnel every day. You can purchase different lead packages at different price points. The lead packages start at $24.95 a week for the company to deliver 200 leads a week to you… all the way up to $199.95 a week for the company to deliver 5,000 leads a week to you. My Lead Company also runs training to teach you how to work the leads you purchase so that you can share your business opportunity with them.

How Do You Make Money With My Lead Company?

At the time of this writing, there’s not sign up fee to get started as a distributor. There’s also no monthly fee either at the time of this writing. The actual compensation plan provides 4 main ways to get paid including a 50% First Order Bonus, Daily Infinity Commissions to the tune of 5% to 25% of your group volume, World Wide Bonus Pools and a 1% Founders Pool.

In addition to knowing the 4 main ways to get paid, there’s also two other things you need to know about the income opportunity. One, the company operates on a single-leg-downline (or straightline compensation plan). In other words, every person that enrolls in the company goes down one single leg, which means getting in early might be a good idea. Secondly, the company pays commissions daily via alertpay. This is attractive since you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get your commissions.

Should You Get Involved With My Lead Company?

Overall, the program looks good. Every marketer needs leads to build their business. If you’re serious about using them for their leads, I would encourage you to take some time to research how they get their leads.

Personally, it’s not my cup of tea since I’m not fond of paying for leads that I haven’t generated myself in one way or another. I’ve tested different programs in the past where I would get leads delivered to me. The problem was because I had no relationship with them whatsoever, they were not responsive at all. And the ones that did respond were upset that I contacted them and did not recall how the lead company even got their information.

This is why I only promote lead generation techniques that revolve aroundAttraction Marketing. This is not to say that My Lead Company isn’t a good program, especially if you’re looking to sell the packages and make money as a distributor. The good thing to know is that there is, and always will be, a need in the home business industry for leads so there will always be a market for you, should you decide to become a distributor.

Interested In Using Attraction Marketing To Build Your My Lead Company Business?

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