About To Join Monavie? Don’t Do It Before You Read This Article!


So you’ve decided to start a network marketing business and you’ve made up your mind to join Monavie. DON’T! At least, not yet…

Before you sign-up and start building your new Monavie business, it’s important to your future success that you join the right sponsor and the right Monavie team. Now, don’t get me wrong… Ultimately, your success will depend on your work ethic, your desire, your attitude and your ability to learn effective ways of marketing your business. But, it’s also important to point out that the right sponsor, and the right team, can give you an incredible advantage and even shave years off your learning curve. It’s been said that the power of a strong Mastermind group can elevate your chances of success by a hundred fold. In other words, when you partner up with like-minded individuals, the likelihood of reaching success is far greater than if you tried to do it alone.

So how do you find the right sponsor or right team to join?

Well, before joining Monavie, it’s important that you step back and take a hard look at what you want and how you plan on building your Monavie business. Also, you want to set some business goals and organize a gameplan for yourself to accomplish them. Once you’ve taken an evaluation of these things, you’ll have an idea of what team you’ll want to partner with.

Let me explain what I mean by this…

You might want to sell Monavie’s products to retail businesses, fitness clubs, gyms and spas much like a business-to-business (B2B) sales rep. This might be your background and your niche, and as such, probably an area you may excel at.

You might want to build your Monavie business through more traditional network marketing methods. Methods that fall in to this category would be: Making a list of all your friends and family, conducting 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 presentations, organizing home presentations for small groups or hotel presentation for larger group. These time-tested and proven methods are staples in building network marketing businesses and they are very effective. However, they work more for people that have certain personalities that are fit for this, like being more of an A-type, outgoing, “salesy” person. People that don’t have personalities conducive to performing these actions will have a hard time succeeding. One last note on this, if you are a person that has a large base of contacts and you have a tremendous amount of social capital, then building your Monavie business using these methods will most likely be the most effective for you, at least until you run out of people on your list to talk to.

However, you might want to build your Monavie business by leveraging the internet and using an attraction marketing system with a high-converting sales funnel. There are a multitude of benefits of internet marketing. For one, the internet never “closes”, so if you post a presentation online one time and set up some marketing content to drive traffic to that presentation, you can potentially have hundreds of prospects watching that presentation over and over again, even while you’re sleeping. Another benefit of using this method is the ability to monetize prospects that aren’t interested in joining your business. In a nutshell, if you’re goal is to build your business over the internet, from anywhere in the world, this method is the way to go.

As for me, I’ve built the bulk of my business over the last 12 years using traditional network marketing methods. But, seeing the potential of the internet and the amount of leverage it can create, I’ve since implemented the use online branded attraction marketing systems and have been impressed with the results.

On my website, I provide free training on how to build your Monavie business on complete autopilot, while freeing you up to do the things you enjoy like spending time with your loved ones.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what method of marketing is congruent with how you want to build your Monavie business. The answer will point you to the right sponsor and team that is suited for you.

I wish you much success with your new Monavie business.

To see how 3 of my business partners sponsored over 300 distributors into Monavie in a matter of a few short weeks, using an online marketing system and sales funnel, visit my MLM Training Secrets

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