ACN Training - 5 Steps To Success In Building Your ACN Business


When building your ACN business, it's important that you work on certain skills.  Skills like learning how to market your business, teaching your team members how to market their business, giving an effective presentation, being effective over the phone, etc., are obviously very important aspects of your business.  And for the most part, these are examples of skills you need to develop.  With that said, there are many intangible aspects of your business that you need to work on like your mindset, your attitude, your ability to overcome adversity, etc.

In this article, I want to briefly list down 5 tips for success in building your ACN business that will help you develop the proper mindset:

#1. Build Your Business Everyday - Those who procrastinate and "wait for all their ducks to get in a row" will QUICKLY find that the moment has passed them by.  You need to do something EVERY day whether it's posting new content, making 10-20 pique calls, following up with people on your list, launching a new direct rep, conducting a PBR, etc.  Remember, being consistent is a big key to winning in business.  If you do a few simple things over and over again, over time, you'll see your efforts compound.

#2. Be Coachable - Participate in every team and company conference call and training. Apply what you learn and teach it to others. Make a personal commitment to learn all aspects of your business and become fundamentally sound. In this industry, or any industry, you won't make big money with mediocre skills and a mediocre mindset.

#3. Keep It Simple - Whatever you do must be duplicatable to your downline.  Don't overcomplicate the process and try to show people how smart you are or how much you know about the product.  We do three simple things in this industry: We get customers, we get customer-getters (reps) and we teach people how to get customers and customer-getters (reps).  That's it!

#4. Guard Against The Ups And Downs Of The Business - Stay emotionally level and maintain an even keel.  No one wants to follow an emotional basket-case.  People want to follow leaders that are cool, calm and collected.  Now I'm not saying that, as a leader, things won't bother you.  But you always have to keep a long-term outlook and keep the big picture in mind.  If you can keep and even-keeled attitude, even during the most challenging times, you will attract people to you because people are starving for that kind of leadership.

#5. Mind Your Business - Don't get sidetracked and worry about what everyone else is doing.  Keep your mind and focus on what you're doing and your business. If someone is doing better than you. Great! Applaud them and keep working your business.  You don't know what that person's background is or how much experience they have in marketing or personal development. Maybe they paid their price in a previous company or industry. It doesn't matter.  What matters is that you build your business for you and your family.

Building your ACN business isn't easy... but the freedom and financial security you'll have when you build it is worth all the work and effort!  If you're serious about building your business, I want to encourage you to apply these steps into your strategy.



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