AdzZoo Review – Is AdzZoo A Legitimate Opportunity And Should You Join?


In this AdzZoo Review, I will be going into some information about the company itself, the AdzZoo advertising campaigns, the compensation plan and most importantly, what it takes to be truly successful with a business like AdzZoo.

AdzZoo is an internet advertising company that markets advertising through a network marketing, or multilevel marketing, business model. Currently, AdzZoo has over 8,000 representatives and is growing, mostly from the efforts of field leaders who are building their teams offline using opportunity meetings and face-to-face recruiting presentations. Through this network of representatives, AdzZoo markets internet advertising to small business owners all across the US, and soon in Canada. With over 45 million small business owners in the US alone, there is an obvious market for representatives to target.

What Does AdzZoo Do For Small Business Owners?

With advertising costs going through the roof, smart and savvy business owners are starting to use the internet to advertise their business. Unlike offline forms of marketing where you are putting ads in front of an un-targeted audience, the internet allows business owners to position their ads in search engines, like Google and Yahoo, directly in front of potential customers who are actually searching for them or them or their product. This benefit alone can significantly increase their customer base, simply because they are marketing to a highly targeted audience. On top of this, business owners can actually target potential customers that are demographically local to them, which increases the likelihood of having a spike in walk-in customers. As I mentioned earlier, with print ad costs skyrocketing, business owners can potentially spend less money with an internet advertising campaign and yet reap better results.

The beauty of this from a customer standpoint is that they can outsource all their advertising to AdzZoo. Instead of getting on a computer for hours each day and attempting to do it by themselves, they can order an on-going ad and let the experts at AdzZoo put their advertising together and monitor it. Thus, freeing them up to focus on building their business.

As far as competition goes, there are many traditional businesses that offer internet advertising and SEO services, but their pricing is astronomical compared to AdzZoo’s pricing. There’s also not many network marketing companies offering similar services. Recently, AdzZoo added Facebook ads and the ability for business owners to text their customers with sales and incentives. Time will tell what this will do for customer acquisition and customer retention, but one thing is for sure, AdzZoo is using cutting-edge technology to give their representatives an edge when approaching customers.

The Company Leadership And Training

The company is based in McDonough, Georgia and was officially launched in March 2010.  The company co-founders have decades of experience in business and in direct sales, with four of them (Don Rutt, Bill Olive, Bill Anderton and Hubert Humphrey) coming from, and achieving a tremendous amount of success, in A.L. Williams, now known as Network Marketing, back in the 80’s. With co-founders willing to dip into their own pockets, along with other resources and the fact that AdzZoo is debt free and profitable, it seems that funding will not be a major problem for the company.

The training is pretty much what you would expect from leaders who are from the 80’s and 90’s era of network marketing. New reps are trained to give belly-to-belly, flipchart presentations and attend weekly opportunity meetings. There isn’t a wide selection of tools that are utilized with the exception of one or two different sales brochures. And as far as internet marketing goes, with the exception of a opportunity webinar done once a week, there really isn’t much of a platform for people who want to focus on building a business via the internet. With that said, the training is very good and very professionally done. So if you don’t mind approaching friends and family and prospecting people you come into contact with, the marketing model shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The Business Opportunity

AdzZoo offers several ways you can profit from building a business. There is also an opportunity to make upfront and passive residual income just from selling the ads. However, just like other network marketing, or multilevel marketing, companies, the majority of the income you’ll make is by recruiting and building a sales team to market the ad campaigns. So the question you should be asking yourself is: Can you sponsor enough people to build a team? Well, if you are into giving belly-to-belly presentations and approaching your friends and family, then yes you can, as long as you’re willing to go to work and invest a tremendous amount of time (which isn’t a bad thing). However, if you want to build an AdzZoo business using the internet and working primarily from home, then AdzZoo’s internet platform (and just the nature of the service which doesn’t require, but works best if you meet the business owner) may not be for you. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done but at what cost?

With that said, if you already know business owners and want to sell the ads, you can certainly make good income and even build residual income when your customers continue to run the ads. But if you’re looking to sponsor people and build a huge organization, it’s critical that you find a marketing system you can use otherwise you’ll find yourself spending hours at Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles trying to find your next recruit.

In closing, AdzZoo is a very credible and legitimate business opportunity. The leaders are proven and documented and know how to make decisions in favor of the reps. The compensation plan is very lucrative as long as you can build a sales team that is willing to go into businesses to promote the advertising packages. However, without the ability generate leads on a daily basis and personally sponsor a large amount of people, you’re going to have a hard time building your business.

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