Ambit Energy Training - Want More Reps? Stop EXPLAINING & Start INVITING!

If you're serious about building your Ambit Energy business, then sponsoring more people is something you probably work on everyday.  With that said, it's my opinion that the vast majority of new Ambit Energy reps go about sponsoring in an ineffective manner.  Typically, they'll "verbally vomit" all over their prospects and try to explain everything they know about the company all at once.  Why do they do this?  Because they're excited and jumping out of their skin about their opportunity.  And while this is NOT a bad thing... it usually produces ineffective results.  In my opinion, EXPLAINING your business is not what you should spend a lot of time doing.  Instead, you should spend your time INVITING

In this article, I'll go over 2 reasons why "EXPLAINING" your business is something you should minimize:

#1.  It Scares Your Prospect Off - When you're talking to someone about your Ambit Energy business, two of the thoughts that are going on in your prospect's mind are "Can I Do This?" and "Is This Simple?".  By going into an extremely detailed explanation of your service and compensation plan, you're planting a seed in your prospect's mind that they CAN'T do it and it's NOT simple.  Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't be able to explain your business.  But what I am saying is to keep it simple.  By simply INVITING your prospect to the next event (sizzle call, webinar, PBR, 3-way call, etc.), your showing your prospect that you're building your business doing something they (or anybody for that matter) can do... INVITING.  If your prospect is thinking, "Wow, this is simple enough...", you've removed a good portion of their objections.

#2.  It's Not Something Your Team Can Easily Duplicate - In my opinion, it's easier to teach a new rep how to invite someone to the next sizzle call or webinar, than it is to teach them how to explain everything.  Explaining everything requires some "selling" which may be something your new rep is afraid to do.  But inviting is something they've probably done thousands of time in their life.  Chances are, they've invited people over for a party before, they've invited someone to lunch before, they've invited someone to watch a movie before, etc.  Remember, not everyone can sell... but everyone can invite!

If you want to explode your Ambit Energy business and skyrocket your recruiting, keep the process simple and duplicatable.  And get in the INVITING BUSINESS!


But wait...

You still have little to no chance of succeeding in your Ambit Energy business UNLESS you learn how to do a couple of things...

If you’re building your business online, there are THREE things you MUST do to succeed.  You must have ALL THREE to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

These three things are:

1. A System To Brand YOURSELF (What Sets You Apart From Other Ambit Energy Reps?)

2. A System To Generate 25-50 Leads A Day (25 Is The MAGIC NUMBER!)

3. A Way To Profit From Prospects That DON’T Join Your Business ($$$)

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