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If you’re an online marketer, chances are you’re hearing a lot of buzz and hubbub about a program called The Empower Network. Now, before you shell out your credit card and join, I want to encourage you to go through this review first so you’ll be positioned to make an educated decision.

First things first, What Is Empower Network?

Right out of the gate, it’s important to understand what Empower Network is so there are no misconceptions. For the most part, it is a blogging platform that marketers can use to simplify the process of building their own blogs and going through the learning curve of learning how to get their blog ranked.

Here’s how it works: It’s no secret that building an authority blog takes time. From my personal experience, it took about 6 months before I started to get my content ranked on the first page of Google and get my blog to become an authority. And that’s because I was full time and had the time to work on my blog during the course of the day. The average person who is building their business part-time does not have that kind of time luxury. They don’t have the time to set up a blog, learn how to navigate their back office, learn SEO and traffic generation, generate leads... and then on top of that, build their primary business.

What the Empower Network provides is a platform whereby someone can get involved, start blogging on their Empower Network blog (which is unique to them) and in a short time, get their articles and blog posts ranked. How is this possible you might ask? Because there are many other members blogging on the same platform posting new quality content that the search engines have no choice but to give ‘love’ to the posts. In addition, the Empower Network blog is a few years old already, so it’s not a new blog by any means, which would normally prevent it from getting ranked above older authority websites.

Without getting too technical, all you need to know is that you’ll be able to get your content ranked and you’ll be able to get found on the search engines in a fraction of the time it will take someone who is building a blog from scratch.

Now, does this mean you should not build your own personal branded blog??

Of course not.. I think you should build your own blog, but while you’re working on getting it ranked, you can spin your content and post it on your unique Empower Network blog also. Chances are you’ll get your Empower Network content ranked first, but you can put back links to your personal blog which will help your personal blog get ranked too. There are a lot to ways to make it work if you’re willing to get creative. Bottom line is this... leverage your Empower Network blog to build traffic to your personal blog. It’s a win-win scenario.. and your prospects will have more than way (and more than one website) to find you.
Now that I’ve covered what it is... let me briefly cover what it is NOT.

The Empower Network is not meant to be a primary MLM business. Personally, I already have a primary MLM business that I am building.. I’m not looking to join another one. Frankly, I don’t need another one because I believe the one I got is as good as it gets. You probably feel the same about your primary MLM business. With that said, Empower Network can be utilized as a funded proposal and as a means to profit when people don’t want to join your primary business.

Now what can you do with these profits?

Whatever you want really... but think about it: If you had a stream of income to pay for your business expenses (like website fees, autoships, travel expenses, etc), would you feel less pressure to build? Of course you would. If you had disposal income to set up ads for yourself, or set up an ad co-op for your team so they can benefit from your marketing efforts, would you be able to build your business faster? Of course you would.

At the end of the day, I think you should have a primary MLM business that you’re building... but you can leverage affiliate commissions (whether it be from the Empower Network, MLSP or any other quality affiliate program) to fund what you’re trying to do with your primary MLM business.

Can You Make Money With The Empower Network?

The short answer is YES.. I do want to preface the following by saying that I don’t promote everything and if there wasn’t real value in the product, I would not promote it no matter how much affiliate commissions they were paying. With that said, I do believe that there is true value in the viral blogging platform, which is why I feel good sharing it with people.

The actual pay structure has a few interesting components to it...

First, Empower Network pays out 100% direct commissions straight to your bank account. Second, members can only get paid on products they personally own. In other words, if you have members that don’t own all of the products, there is high probability that you will receive commissions from people they enroll that choose to come in and purchase all the products. Third, the pay structure operates on a ‘pass-up’ system. You will have to ‘pass-up’ your second, fourth and sixth referral to your sponsor. With that said, you’ll be receiving the same ‘pass-ups’ from the members you enroll.

When you take all three components and play with the numbers, the commissions can be staggering. Of course, your commissions are not guaranteed, but even if you refer just a handful of people you can stand to build a nice monthly residual.

Overall, I think the program is cutting edge both from a marketing tool perspective and as a funded proposal. It’s not a major upfront cost to get involved so you don’t have to lose any sleep over it. If you’re looking to use content marketing to market your business, the blogging platform provided in the Empower Network is definitely worth looking into.
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