An Unbiased Initials Inc Review – Is Initials Inc A Good Business Opportunity To Join?


If you’re reading this review, you are probably looking to join Initials Inc and you are looking to do some last minute research before shelling out your money to get started. Before you join, I want to encourage you to take a moment to go over this entire review. I’ll cover some essential information you’re going to want to know including details about the company, the products and the actual business opportunity. In addition, I’ll share what you’re really going to need to succeed in building a prosperous Initials Inc business. Before proceeding, I want to disclose that I am not an Initials Inc distributor so you can be sure that you’ll get a true unbiased perspective of the company.

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Who Is Initials Inc And What Do They Sell?

Initials Inc is a network marketing company that markets personalized handbags and accessories. The Georgia based company was started in 2005 by two sisters, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall. Initially started as a small DSA party plan company, Initials Inc has grown to a nationwide multi-million dollar empire. Based on the information on the company website, the company looks like they are ready for future growth, which is good to know if you’re looking to get involved with the company.

As far as their products go, the company markets personalized handbags and accessories. A major reason the company has done well is because they have distributors, or creative partners as they are called, who promote the products to their friends and family in home presentations. This model works well because potential customers are in a familiar and comfortable environment and the ‘home parties’ are very social and fun.


How Do You Make Money With Initials Inc?

In order to become a distributor, or ‘creative partner’, you have to purchase a starter kit. The start kit cost $139 plus tax and shipping and includes over 13 products for you, catalogs, order forms and other marketing tools. You’ll also get a free website for your first 3 months you can share with your potential prospects. The actual compensation plan provides a few different ways to make money including a 25% base commission, recruitment bonuses, sales bonuses and other promotional bonuses. Like other network marketing opportunities, you can earn commissions on your personal sales and overrides on sales made by people on your team. Overall, the business opportunity can be lucrative for the right person.


Is Initials Inc A Good Business Opporturtunity?

In closing, Initials Inc looks to be a solid business opportunity. There are good leaders at the helm, good products and a lucrative compensation plan. While having those three things in place are beneficial, it will take much more than that to succeed. At the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor people into your team and sell the products. My suggestion is that you incorporate Attraction Marketing into your business so you can leverage the internet to get leads. If you can combine Attraction Marketing and home parties together, you can very well be on your way to building a prosperous Initials Inc business.


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