An Unbiased Review Of The Trump Network From Someone Who Didn’t Join

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re reading this review, then chances are you’re looking for some information on The Trump Network. Perhaps you were approached by someone you know about the company or maybe you got an email from an acquaintance. Before you join, I recommend that you read this review first so you’re equipped to make an educated decision. In this review, I’ll go into sine information about the company, their products, their compensation plan and, most importantly, what it really takes to prosper in The Trump Network.

The Trump Network is a relatively new company in the network marketing arena. It officially launched in 2009, and is debt free and profitable. Obviously, the main buzz around the company is it’s affiliation with Donald Trump. In fact, most of the people who have approached me about it were basically talking about Trump more than anything. Now, I understand that having a celebrity name to lean on gives the opportunity credibility, but the company also has good products and a good compensation plan as well. And for seasoned network marketers, or savvy business people, what matters is the quality of the products and the substance in the compensation plan.

Another selling point for The Trump Network is the timing. While it’s not guaranteed to make you successful, history has shown that people who get in early and pioneer the growth of the company tend to be top earners in the company once the company hits momentum. If that’s something that interests you, then The Trump Network may be worth looking at. In addition, according to their website, they plan on opening several international markets which may be appealing to you if you have a “pioneering” spirit.

As far as their products go, they market various nutritional products designed by their team of scientists and nutritionists. Some of the benefits of their products include weight loss, increased energy, children’s snacks and a skin care line. But their flagship product is the Privatest and Custom Essential supplements. These are supplements specifically made for the individual to meet specific needs. It’s a pretty cool concept and it definitely sets them apart from other vitamin and supplement companies.

Now, let’s talk about their compensation plan. For starters, you can join the company by purchasing a Business Starter Kit for $497 plus shipping and handling, and then maintaining a monthly autoship every month thereafter. There are several ways to make money including upfront bonuses when new reps join your group, monthly residual income from your group’s autoship purchases and incentives at the top positions. Some incentives are profit sharing and a luxury car program. All in all, it seems there is a fair balance of upfront and back-end money which is good for the reps.

In closing, The Trump Network is definitely not a scam. It’s too early to tell how successful they will be, but based on their current infrastructure, the quality of their products and their opportunity, they have the ingredients to make it long-term.

However, The Trump Network will not make you rich. Yes, you read that right. So many people think that just because the Trump name is on the company that they will personally benefit and that the Trump Network will automatically save them from their financial situation. Nothing can be further than the truth. While the company itself is a great company with extremely high quality products, all the company will do is give you a vehicle and opportunity. And honestly, that’s all their supposed to do. Ultimately, your success will depend on what you do, your ability to sponsor new people, sell products and build a productive downline. And in order to do all that, you need to be able to generate leads every day. If you can’t generate leads, there is no way you will be able to build a sizable business. So, if you want to succeed with your Trump Network business, it’s critical that you learn how to become a professional marketer so you can generate 25-50+ leads a day for your business.

My advice is that you use a self branding attraction marketing system that will allow you to generate an endless flow of leads. If you can combine a powerful lead generation system with The Trump Network’s business opportunity, you can potentially be on your way to building a prosperous business for yourself.


Jaime Soriano wrote this Trump Network Review for people looking into the Trump Network opportunity. Sadly, most Trump Network reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to sponsor 10-20 reps a month. To see how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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