An Unbiased Third Party Level One Network Review – Real Deal Or More Hype?


An Unbiased Third Party Level One Network Review – Real Deal Or More Hype?

2013 03 05 1549 300x100 A Critical 3rd Party Review Of Level One Network From Someone Who Didnt JoinSo lately, I’ve been hearing about a new affiliate program called Level One Network. What’s interesting to me is that a few weeks ago, I got an email from a sales rep at First Data promoting Level One Network. Why is this so interesting? Because when Empower Network first started, First Data was the merchant account that almost all Empower Network affiliates were using. Then without warning, First Data terminated their agreement with Empower Network and shut down thousands of merchant accounts, leaving Empower Network affiliates without a way to get paid. I don’t exactly remember what the reason was, but it was something about “the model not being sustainable” or something like that. Well about 18 months later, after seeing all the success that Empower Network has been experiencing I’m sure, it looks like First Data is launching (or partnering) a very similar affiliate program. So I decided to take a look at what Level One Network was all about.

If you’re thinking about joining Level One Network, I want to encourage you to read this whole Level One Network review first. Before I go on, I will say that most Level One Network reviews that you’ll find are just reviews from affiliates who are trying to sponsor you into Level One Network. You don’t have to worry about that in this review because I’m not a Level One Network affiliate. In fact, I’m not even a customer so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an unbiased review.

Level One Network Review – Who Are They?

images2 A Critical 3rd Party Review Of Level One Network From Someone Who Didnt JoinLevel One Network is a new company that markets a blogging system that allows customers to get ranked on search engines. The blogging system is designed for online marketers, or anyone looking to advertise and get exposure online. The monthly cost for the blogging system is $29 a month. On top of the blogging system, the company also markets other products.

Here’s a short rundown on the other 3 products available at Level One Network:

1. SEO Pro Connect – This allows customers to get page 1 rankings faster through the use of gateway pages that are linked back to your Level One Network blog. The cost of this product is $99 one-time.

2. PDF Pro Express – This allows customers to create PDF reports and documents in minutes. There are several templates to choose from so you can create unique PDFs. The cost of this product is $199 one-time.

3. Master Training Series – This product is a 20-week training course designed to teach you Internet marketing. The training is geared for both beginners and advanced marketers. This training product costs $599 one-time.

Outside of the training products, Level One Network also provides weekly training for affiliates via webinars and video tutorials.

Level One Network Review – How Does The Compensation Plan Work?

As far as the affiliate compensation plan goes, the company pays out 100% commissions on all the products. So if you enroll someone, and they pay $29 a month for their blog, you’ll get paid $29 a month in residual income. If you enroll someone and they buy the SEO Pro Connect product for $99, you’ll make a $99 commission. It’s pretty straightforward and simple enough to understand. No binary legs to balance, no unilevel payouts to remember, no matrix to build… Just enroll people and get paid 100% commissions of what that person buys.

While there are no complicated compensation plan hoops to jump through, the only thing that you should try to understand is the Pass-Up System the company uses. Basically, you have to “pass up” to your direct sponsor your 2nd sale, your 5th sale, and every 5th sale thereafter. Sounds like a bummer until you realize that everyone you sponsor has to “pass up” their 2nd sale, their 5th sale, and their every 5th sale thereafter to you. The potential is pretty staggering. Make no mistake about it, you can make a very healthy affiliate income with this 100% commission Pass-Up compensation plan.

Here’s a diagram that may help you visualize how it works:

level one backoffice affiliate compensation 300x283 A Critical 3rd Party Review Of Level One Network From Someone Who Didnt Join

Level One Network Review – Should You Join?

So there you have it: A Level One Network review from someone who didn’t join. That’s totally up to you. Personally, I can’t find anything wrong with Level One Network. Of course, being an Empower Network affiliate I can be biased and say that it looks just like a “copycat” of Empower Network. But it looks like a good system nonetheless, and the affiliate income potential is strong. If you do decide to join, just make sure you find a good sponsor and team to get support from. Having a good team to plug into can be a critical factor to your success.

If It’s So Good, Why Haven’t You Joined?

For me, the reason I didn’t join was pretty simple. Empower Network already has a viral blogging system. And since the Empower Network blog is more mature than Level One Network’s blog, it’s a bit easier to get ranked and found on the search engines.

I also feel that Empower Network is more established. It’s been around for a year and half, and has paid close to $50,000,000 in direct commissions to it’s affiliates.

And while I’m on the topic of “commissions”, Empower Network pays $25 per month for every person you refer at the Basic Level, and another $100 per month for every person you refer who subscribes to the Inner Circle. In other words, you can make up to $125 per month in residual income for every person you refer as opposed to $29 per month in Level One Network. And while you can make $99, $199 and $599 one-time commissions in Level One Network, you can make $500, $1,000 and $3,000 one-time commissions in Empower Network. Plus, you’ll receive more Pass-Ups since affiliates you enroll will pass up their 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale thereafter.

Here’s a diagram of how Empower Network’s Pass Up System works:

images3 A Critical 3rd Party Review Of Level One Network From Someone Who Didnt Join

Of course, just because I think Empower Network is a better system doesn’t mean I think Level One Network is a bad system to join. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

If you want to take a serious look at Empower Network for yourself, you can watch this 24-minute video.

If you saw the video already, you can simply join on this direct link. It’s only $25 to get started, and you’ll have access to your blog and back office instantly.

Feel free to reach out to me on Skype (Skype ID: dailyresiduals) or Facebook, if you have any questions…

To Your Success,

Jaime Soriano

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