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In this short but detailed review of Monavie, I will go into the company's background, the products, the compensation plan and what it truly takes to succeed in a company like Monavie. I also want to disclose up front that I am not a Monavie distributor, but after being approached dozens of times by ambitious Monavie distributors trying to pitch the product, I decided to research the company myself and look into whether or not the company is a scam or not.

Monavie is a privately-held, health and wellness company that markets nutritional products through a network marketing, or multilevel marketing, model. It was started in 2005 and is currently headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founder of the company, and current CEO, Dallin Larsen was a senior executive for other nutritional network marketing companies like Dynamic Essentials and Network Marketing.

In September of 2009, Monavie was ranked #18 on Inc 500's "Fastest Growing Companies In The US". And, in November of 2009, Dallin Larsen was named National Entrepreneur Of The Year For Emerging Markets by Ernst & Young. Monavie also remains to be a debt free company while maintaining its profitability.

The Products

Monavie markets a liquid nutritional supplement that contains 19 different fruits, with it's key ingredient being the acai berry. According to Monavie's corporate website, the acai berry provides powerful antioxidant support, joint support, heart health and overall health and well-being. The product comes in different forms:

Monavie Original - Provides overall antioxidant support
Monavie Active - Provides extra support for joint health
Monavie Pulse - Provides extra support for your cardiovascular system
Monavie E - Energy drink version of Monavie
Monavie Kosher - Kosher certified version of Monavie
Monavie Mun - Provides support to your immune system

In addition, the Original, Active and Pulse versions come in gel form. Now, as far as the products ability to do what it says it can do depends on who you talk to. While there are people who swear by the product, there are also people who claim that the "juice" didn't benefit them. There has been clinical studies performed by Monavie to prove the validity of the product. I definitely advise that if you're thinking about joining Monavie, that you do your due diligence on this topic thoroughly. 

The Business Opportunity

Company stats and product aside, as a person considering Monavie, the business opportunity itself is something you need to spend some time looking into.  The compensation plan has nine different ways you can get paid, along with incentives like a luxury car program, private jet credits and luxurious trips to top resorts. The compensation plan works on a binary model, but has a matching check feature on your unilevel team. With that said, the autoship requirement is pretty high compared to other network marketing companies. And, while that isn't a negative thing per se, it is something to consider if you're looking to build residual income for the long haul. Again, just do your research on the capability of an average rep to stay on their autoship. If the answer you find works for you, great. If the answer is something you're not satisfied with, that doesn't make Monavie a bad opportunity, you might just have to get creative with how you build your organization.

By far, the most impressive thing about Monavie is the sheer amount of people who are earning in excess of $1 million a year. As of this year, there are 34 reps who have disclosed their income to be over $1.5 million a year. And while I can think of only one other company that has double that number of 7-figure a year earners, that number is very impressive since most network marketing companies have under 10 reps who cashflow over $1 million a year.

One thing you need to keep in mind, if you are considering to join Monavie is that while there are a record number of top producers at the company, many (not all) of Monavie's elite leaders were top producing leaders who had existing downlines of thousands of people that they brought with them to the company. And, while this does not diminish the Monavie opportunity for a brand new person just joining the industry, you still need to be aware of this so you don't have misleading expectations of yourself coming in and starting from scratch.

In closing, it's my professional opinion that Monavie is an incredibly solid and stable company that markets a high-quality product. It also provides a tremendous amount of leverage with it's compensation plan. As I stated earlier, there are a record number of top producers in the company. With that said, there are also more than 60,000 reps in the company earning less than $40 a week.  What's the difference between the highly successful and those that are struggling? Well, those that are successful learned how to position themselves as leaders and market the right way. As good as the opportunity is, if you can't do these two things, you're dead in the water.

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