An Unbiased Third Party Review Of Network Marketing – Should You Join?

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

If you’re checking out this review, chances are you’re looking for information on Network Marketing and you’re thinking about joining the company. Before you do, I want to encourage you to read this simple review so that you can make an educated decision about the company and opportunity. In this review, I’ll go over some details about the company and share how you can dramatically increase your chances of success should you join.

First of all, let’s go over some information on the company. Network Marketing is a Texas-based health and wellness company that sells various nutrition products through a network marketing business model. The company was started in 2003 by the late Charlie Ragus. Currently, the company is being led by CEO and President Richard Wright. Wright has spent many years and experienced success in both marketing and politics. In addition, the company is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), which gives them a tremendous amount of credibility, as only the most reputable companies are allowed to be members.

As far as their products go, Network Marketing backs up their products with science and research. The Network Marketing Scientific and Medical Advisory Board continuously tests their products to ensure the highest quality possible. Network Marketing markets 5 different lines of products. The first one is called Trim, which is a line of weight management products. The second line is called Active, which is a line of energy products. The third line is called Well, which is a line of vitamin supplements. The fourth line is called Performance Elite, which is an advanced nutrition line made for athletes. And the last line is called Definite Difference, which is a line of skin care products. All in all, the product lines look very impressive, especially since there are so many third party documents and testimonials on the company website that validate and document their effectiveness. It also doesn’t hurt that many top professional athletes including NFL superstar and 2004 Superbowl MVP Drew Brees use and endorse the products..

As far as their business opportunity goes, you can join the company by paying an initial start-up, then maintaining a monthly autoship order. The compensation plan pays out 5 different ways including retail profits, wholesale commissions, team overrides, leadership bonuses and company incentives, which include trips and special pay-period bonuses. The fact that reps can make upfront income, as well as back-end residual income, is great news for people who want to start an Network Marketing home business. Overall, the compensation is fair and, for the right person, Network Marketing can be a lucrative business venture.

In closing, Network Marketing is a good company with a solid business opportunity. They have a strong corporate team, great products and a generous compensation plan. With that said, it’s important for you to know that while you can certainly build an Network Marketing business by approaching your friends and family, you can significantly increase your chances of success by combining your offline efforts with generating leads online. With the economy spiraling downwards, there are millions of people on the internet that are looking for a home based business they can join. By positioning yourself in front of them, it’s not hard to see why it would be possible to generate 20-30+ leads a day for your business.

My suggestion is that you use a self branding attraction marketing system and learn the proper marketing techniques that will allow you to generate leads at will. If you can successfully do that, and partner with an experienced and documented leader, you can very well be on your way to building a solid business for yourself and your family.

Jaime Soriano wrote this Network Marketing Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Network Marketing distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their business. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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