An Unbiased Third Party Review Of Restart Your Life – Should You Join?


So there’s a new company on the block and it’s called Restart Your Life. I was just on the phone earlier with a friend of mine who spoke to me about it. I decided to write a quick review on it so new people looking to join can read an unbiased third party perspective on the company. If you’re looking to join Restart Your Life, make sure you read this entire review so you can be better positioned to make an educated decision.

You’ll be glad you did!

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Who Is Restart Your Life And What Products Do They Sell?

So what should you look into first if you’re seriously thinking about joining and becoming a distributor. Most people go straight into the compensation plan. However, I think there are things you need to look at that are more important than the compensation plan. In my opinion, it should be the actual company. Why? Because having a ‘killer’ comp plan with a company that isn’t structured to be around long term does not make sense. With that said, I’ll cover some details on the company itself first and then go into the comp plan.

Restart Your Life is a new network marketing company that markets Beta Glucan health products. The company just launched two months ago in July 2011 and is based out of Lexington, South Carolina. There seems to be some good leaders at the helm of the company which is a good thing if you’re thinking about joining. Another major plus if you’re thinking about joining is that the products have a tremendous amount of science behind them. Overall, the company looks solid.

How Do You Make Money With Restart Your Life?

As far as the comp plan goes, there are 11 ways to get paid. All the different ways to get paid can be divided into two categories: immediate income and long-term income. The fact that both ‘now’ income and ‘later’ income are available in the comp plan is good if you’re thinking about becoming a distributor. It’s important to note that the comp plan runs as a 3X9 Forced Matrix, which means you can get spillover from the efforts of people above you. This ‘spillover’ can potentially allow you to get paid from the efforts of people below you whether you were responsible for bringing them on-board or not. The comp plan can be quite lucrative for the right person.

Should You Join Restart Your Life?

In closing, Restart Your Life looks positioned for future growth. They have a high quality product, good leadership and a generous comp plan. And while all of those things are obvious benefits in a company, you will need more than that to succeed. Ultimately, what your success will depend on is your ability to sponsor people into your business and acquire paying customers. I recommend you use an Attraction Marketing system to grow your business. If you can combine Attraction Marketing and effective offline techniques, there‘s no telling how big you can get building a Restart Your Life business.

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