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If you’re checking out this article, then chances are you’re looking into Stiforp and thinking about becoming a distributor. Before you join, I want to recommend that you take a moment to go over this entire review. Since I’m going to cover the products, the compensation plan and whether or not Stiforp is a viable business opportunity, you’ll be much better equipped to make an educated decision. I also want to disclose that I am not a Stiforp distributor so you can be sure that you will be getting a true third party perspective.

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Who Is Stiforp And What Do They Sell?

First things first, if you’re thinking about becoming a distributor, it’s extremely important to know some background information on the actual company. Stiforp is new network marketing company that sells Internet marketing tools. Currently, the company is still in pre-launch and people can enroll for free. The official launch date is scheduled for September 20, 2011. Because the company is still in it’s early stages, there isn’t much information on who the individuals are behind the company. In fact, the only piece of information found on the company site is where the company is based, Anaheim Hills, California. While this lack of information does not automatically mean that Stiforp is not on the up and up, you should certainly do some due diligence on the company owners before you align yourself with them and risk your social capital.

As far as their products go, Stiforp provides it’s members with several tools they can use for $9.95 a month. Some of these tools include:

1. Flash Movie Presentations – It’s a known fact that videos significantly increase conversions when compared to text-only presentations. The flash movie presentations provided by Stiforp are generic presentations promoting the benefits of having a home business, so members can use them to promote any network marketing business they’re trying to build. A video spokesperson is also available to increase conversions even more.

2. Lead Capture Pages – Stiforp provides members with lead capture pages that will direct prospects to a replicated site or video presentation after they opt-in. Like the flash movie presentations, the capture pages are generic enough so that members can use them to promote any network marketing business.

3. Autoresponders – Once a prospect opts-in to your lead capture page, the Stiforp system will send a series of pre-written emails to them to allow you to follow up with them. These emails can be tweaked and are customizable. In addition, your prospects can be loaded into your contact manager and you’ll have access to a shared conference call bridge to host new members and welcome them to your team.

4. Traffic Rotator – Traffic Rotators are great for running co-op advertising campaigns for your team. You have control over how many people you want to allow to participate in the co-op and how many leads each person gets.

How Do You Make Money With Stiforp?

As far as the compensation plan goes, Stiforp provides members to make money 4 different ways. The first way you can get paid is through the Powerline Bonus which allows you to get paid up to $2 for the first 3 members placed under you. The second way you can get paid is through a $25 Fast Start Bonus every time you personally sponsor a new distributor. As you move through the ranks, you can also earn up to $1 for people sponsored up to 5 levels below you. The third way you can get paid is through Matrix Commissions. According to the website, you can earn up to $2,047 a month without sponsoring someone because of the way the matrix is designed. Lastly, you can earn a matching check on the matrix commissions earned by distributors in your group up to 5 levels. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and can even be quite lucrative for the right person.

Is Stiforp A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, Stiforp looks to be a good opportunity for you if you’re looking to promote marketing tools to other marketers. It’s not really my cup of tea since I like and promote marketing tools that are customizable enough that you can brand yourself and market other affiliate products in your funnel. However, just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not a good program with good tools. In my opinion, if you want to explode your Stiforp downline, you should incorporateAttraction Marketing techniques. With good techniques, you can generate leads online and direct them to your Stiforp landing page. If you can successfully combine Attraction Marketing and your Stiforp business, you can very well be on your way to building a prosperous business from home.

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