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From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’ve just joined Ardyss International and you’re excited about building your business. And, while you’re working your business doing all the offline tactics that your upline is teaching you, you want to take advantage of the internet and all the leverage it provides you. Now, I’m not saying not to do any offline marketing. In fact, to build your business, you should be plugged into all your company’s events and you should be conducting group presentations as often as you can. However, not utilizing the internet, when it is a virtual goldmine, would not be a smart business move. If you just consider that there are millions of people everyday online already looking for a home based business or extra income, you’ll start to realize that you can make an enormous amount of money using the internet. With that said, you need to learn the right way to build your business online in order to get results and see success.

When you first look into online marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at all the information available on the internet. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can fall into the same trap that most new marketers fall into, which is trying to implement everything they see without having a basic understanding of how online marketing works. In other words, most new marketers don’t have a clue about the 4 phases of marketing, so they run around trying to do 10 different things and get little to no results. By understanding the 4 phases, you can start using the internet the right way and start exploding your Ardyss business to heights you never thought you could.

Here’s a basic and simplified breakdown of these 4 phases in order:

1. The first phase to marketing online is getting your recruiting and sales funnel in place – This is where most marketers drop the ball. They start marketing without having a good funnel in place. This is like spending thousands and thousands of dollars on an advertisement for your store, and you don’t even have your store up yet. Understand that if you want to succeed, you must do this step first.

2. The second phase is driving good quality traffic to your website – Now, that your funnel is in place, you have to get traffic to it or no one will know about it. There are dozens of ways you can drive traffic to your site. Pick 1 or 2 ways and apply them consistently until you have at least 150+ visitors a day to your site.

3. The third phase is generating leads by obtaining information from people who visit your site – This is accomplished by putting an opt-in form on your site where visitors can submit their information. It’s important to put the form in a clearly visible place on your site, and maybe even place it in 2 places on your site so as not to be missed by your visitors. By building a list, you are now building your most valuable asset as an online marketer – a list of very responsive people who like you, know you and trust you.

4. The fourth phase is actually getting on the phone with people who ask you for more information and closing them into your business - The power behind this method of marketing is that you are only dealing with people who have proactively asked you to call them, as opposed to getting on the phone with someone who has no idea who you are or getting on the phone with someone you have to pitch and convince. How great would your Ardyss business be if you were on the phone with 5-10 people a day, who you didn’t have to convince, and had an interest in you or your business before you even spoke to them?

Marketing your Ardyss International business on the internet can be very rewarding as long as you take some time to setup your system properly and market the right way.

You can achieve success online with your Ardyss International business, as long as you know how to focus on effective marketing techniques. To learn how you can brand yourself and generate a list of high quality prospects, visit Jaime’s free Attraction Marketing Training

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