Article Marketing Robot Review – Is It Worth Looking Into?


If you’re checking out this review, chances are you’re into online marketing. Specifically, you’re probably into article marketing. Over the past 12 months, I’ve actually personally used article marketing, and various forms of it, to drive a ton of traffic to my different websites. In my opinion, article marketing is one of the finest ways to get targeted traffic to your website. In this review, I’ll briefly cover why I think that. And then I’ll cover some information about Article Marketing Robot. After all, you’re probably looking for an Article Marketing Robot review.

Why Article Marketing?

First, let me talk about why article marketing is so cool. First, for the most part, it’s a totally free marketing strategy. It’s not something you have to keep paying for like the typical methods of paid traffic. It’s also a great way to get long-term results from doing something once. In other words, if you take a little time to create and post a good quality article, chances are it will be online for months and even years to come. So in essence, you’ve done the work to post an article once and now you have it driving traffic to your website for years. I call this “residual marketing”. Everyone talks about residual income and doing work once and getting paid forever. Well, why not leverage your efforts into a form of marketing that will give you results in the future. This is not the case with a lot of other methods of marketing. Article marketing also drives high quality targeted traffic to your site. Think about it, if you have someone who takes the time to read your article and they’re moved enough to click through to your website, that’s a targeted visitor. They could have easily clicked away to something else but they didn’t. They proactively visited your site out of their own free will which means they probably like what you have to say and you resonate with them before they even got onto your site. Does traffic get any better than that? I can literally give you ten more reasons why I like article marketing works so well but you’re here to get a review on Article Marketing Robot.

What Is Article Marketing Robot? And What It’s Pros And Cons?

Article Marketing Robot is an article submission software that can submit your article to multiple article directories at once. I personally use it because it saves me a ton of time. In the time it takes me to manually submit an article to one or two directories, the software has the capability to submit it to hundreds of directories. For this reason alone, it’s worth looking into if you plan on writing articles. It also has the capability to submit to high ranking authority websites which is crucial if you want to build back-links that will help you get ranked on the first page of the search engines. Another cool feature is that it can create an account and profile for you in hundreds of directories in minutes.

The only con I see with it is that it takes a little time to initially set up. But the good thing is that there are video tutorials that walk you through the set up process. Also, even if it takes you an hour to set up initially, think about how much time it would take to manually set up an account and profile in over a thousand directories.

Should You Get It?

Well, that is totally up to you. My recommendation is that if you plan to use article marketing, you should leverage a piece of software like Article Marketing Robot. It’s a great for creating back-links and getting your content all over the internet fast. It’s also a tremendous time saver which is probably the biggest reason I use it. After all, the reason I like marketing online is so I can leverage it have more time to do what I want. If that’s something you can relate to, then Article Marketing Robot might be just what you’re looking for.

So What You Should Do Next?

First, if you want to check out Article Marketing Robot and use it for your business, click this link and check out their official page. Next, if you have no idea what do with it or how to even get the ball going with article marketing, click here to check out my Article Marketing Boot Camp. My personal boot camp will show you EXACTLY the blueprint I’ve uses to get to a point where I generate 50+ leads a day… every day…. whether I even get online or not!



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