Bellamora Training – How To Significantly Increase Your Results In Your Bellamora Business

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’ve just joined Bellamora, and you’re excited about getting your business started. You love the products and your excited about the compensation plan. That should be enough for you to succeed, right? Wrong! Just because Bellamora has high quality products and a great compensation plan doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically succeed by simply becoming a distributor. While there are a couple of things you’ll need to know, like having the right training that will allow you to generate leads and building a list of highly responsive prospects, one very important component to network marketing success that most people neglect is posture. In this simple article, I’ll go into how you can develop posture so that you can come from a position of edification in your Bellamora business.

So, what is posture, anyway?  While posture can be the way you hold yourself or the way you talk to people, it’s actually much more than that.  Posture is the unmoveable belief you have in the company, the products and in yourself.  If you have a tremendous amount of belief in those three things, the more likely you’ll achieve a much better outcome in your Bellamora business whether that means sponsoring new distributors into your business or marketing products and acquiring retail and preferred customers.

With all that said, having good posture doesn’t mean being obnoxious.  Nobody likes dealing or working with someone who is cocky and arrogant.  But, it’s also good to have “professional arrogance” about you and your business.  You must project confidence when you’re talking to a prospect, either face-to-face offline, online or over the phone.  You can’t be unsure about yourself and company and expect prospects to take you seriously.

So how do you develop confidence so you can project posture?  Here are three tips you can utilize to increase your confidence and posture:

1. Become Knowledgeable – The more information you know about your business and your products, the more posture you’ll have when you present to someone or have to answer questions.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be a “guru” or know every minute detail about every little thing, but you should have a working knowledge of how your business works.

2. Use The Product Yourself – Your 1st hand testimonial will give you a tremendous amount of belief and confidence.  And of course, by using the product yourself, you’re telling your prospects that you believe in it.

3.  Work On Yourself (Self-Development) – By continuously working on yourself, you’ll be able to significantly increase your belief system.  Reading success-related books, listening to self-improvement audios, consistently plugging into company events and hanging around successful people should be an on-going thing for you if you’re dead-serious about self-development, and succeeding in your Bellamora business.

Always keep in mind that posture is extremely critical to your success.  Without it, you could spin your wheels and continue to get minimal results.  However, if you know what to say AND you have posture, you’ll soon watch your numbers increase… and isn’t that what you want?

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