Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded Proposal


Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded Proposal

Empower Network5 Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded ProposalIf you’ve been marketing online for even a small period of time, there’s no doubt you’ve come acrossEmpower Network. It’s very hard not to since it’s literally everywhere you look. With that said, you may be on the fence about getting involved. If that’s the case, I want to encourage you to take some time to read this whole article so you can be better equipped to make an educated decision. In this short but full article, I’ll go into what Empower Network is and why it’s a good idea to add it to your online business.

Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal and solves two of the most common problems all online marketers face at some time in their career:  the ability to generate income while building their primary opportunity and finding quality prospects for their business.

In order to really understand the magnitude of what Empower Network can do for your business let’s take a look at the concept of the funded proposal.

What Is A Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a type of marketing model that does three things:

1. Offers a low priced product on the front end providing a consistent stream of income to fund business overhead expenses such as advertising, training, and other marketing needs.

2. Generate Leads

3. Builds social proof by creating stories with the reps that follow your system.

With a funded proposal it’s easy to qualify leads, as a person who invests in the product you’re offering on the front end is far more willing to consider your primary opportunity once they come to know and trust you as a leader who can show them how to get results quickly.

Empower Network Creates Cash Flow And Success Stories

Depending on your network and level of influence, if you were to ask someone to joining your primary opportunity for $300 and above, more than likely they would tell you “no” without batting an eye. The reasons why will vary, and at the surface level it’s nothing personal. However behind that “no”, what’s really being said is that they are not confident enough in you as a leader because you have not achieved any results worthy of them making the investment.

Using the Empower Network system as a funded proposal helps you achieve more yes answers by giving you a story. When you come into Empower Network for $25, your first sale pays for the system causing you to break even. Any income earned after that (whether you upgrade to the Inner Circle or Costa Rica Intensive) puts you in profit mode.

Imagine the impact of not only generating your own results, but showing others who may have never earned money in their MLM opportunity how to do the same? Not only will you be creating cash flow for yourself but you have just established yourself as a leader. That’s powerful.  And because Empower Network comes complete with all the tools you’ll need to market the system your time and resources can be focused on activities that will provide the most return on your investment such as bringing more people into the system and funneling them into your primary opportunity.

So to recap here’s why Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal:

1. The basic membership cost just $25 giving you a low end product to market to your list and new prospects

2. One sale breaks even. Two sales (excluding the passup) put you in profit mode.

3. The moment you do the same for your reps, you’ve given yourself some credibility as a leader.

To top it all off, Empower Network pays you 100% commission for each membership you sell making it easy to generate massive amounts of money in no time. And your commissions are directly deposited to your bank account (or Pay Pal account), giving you access to marketing dollars that you can leverage right away. The 100% commissions and direct deposits are both vital for you to have the ability to scale your business up.

So there you have it. These are the reasons why Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal.

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