Facebook Marketing – Using a Fan Page To Grow Your Brand And Generate Leads


More and more people are looking into internet marketing as their avenue for reaching potential clients and customers. There are many different marketing avenues to pursue with internet marketing like writing articles and implementing back links, using banner ads, and more. Perhaps one of the most overlooked of all internet marketing avenues is the Facebook fan page. The fact is that regardless of the type of business you have, you definitely want to consider what a fan page can do for your Facebook marketing efforts.

What Is Facebook Marketing With A Fan Page?

So what exactly is a fan page? Essentially you can create an individual page, a group page or a fan page when you sign up for a new Facebook account. A fan page is unique because it is designed to help businesses like yours develop long-term relationships with clients or customers. These are pages that can be seen by unregistered users, and this means that even those who search for your name on the internet search engines can find your page, thus furthering your Facebook marketing. They do not need to be registered users.

How To Use A Facebook Fan Page

After setting up your fan page, you first will want to spread the word about your page through your various marketing efforts in order to evolve your Facebook marketing. You can send out a link through other social media accounts that you have and invite people to “be a fan.” You can also announce your new presence in other ways such as through a small footnote on your web page, through an email announcement, and more. This will help your existing contacts find you and be a fan of your page if they choose. However, you will find that other people will be able to locate you as the months go on, and your fan base will grow.

What To Do With Your Fan Page

So once you have a fan page established and have some fans, your next task will be to put that page to use. There are various options available to you for using this page. You can post regular messages on the page, start discussions, post videos or photos, and more. Generally, you will want to use this page to stay in contact with your fans without being a nuisance with a constant stream of annoying messages. So there is an art to using these Facebook marketing pages effectively. You will want to use the messages and content you post to educate, inform, or otherwise add some type of value.

Do You Need A Fan Page For Your Facebook Marketing?

The fact is that most businesses today are putting Facebook marketing to use, and more and more of them are choosing to create a fan page to stay in front of their customers and clients. This is an excellent resource that is available to you free through Facebook, and so the only commitment you have to make to it is the time to set up the page and to post regular comments or content on it. Once the page is set up, often the time commitment is fairly minimal and the rewards can be great.

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