Facebook Marketing Basics For Network Marketers


As a network marketing professional, you have the desire to reach out to new people and build up your own network of contacts. It may have crossed your mind at some point that using a social media site like Facebook, one of the most popular websites in the world, may be of use to you in your efforts, and you are absolutely right. Facebook marketing is one of the hottest trends in marketing in general today, and it can serve as a valuable tool for network marketers, too.

Why Use Social Media Sites Like Facebook

Social media sites like Facebook are all about relationships, and as you know all too well, so is your own business. You have to generate new leads, create interest, and build a rapport with your new contacts if you have the hope of selling to them at all. So just how can you effectively put Facebook marketing to use in your business?

Facebook Marketing And Leveraging Your Friends and Fans

First, you should work to develop a great list of friends and fans on Facebook, but don’t try to artificially inflate your list with people simply to have a higher number of contacts. It’s quality that matters in Facebook marketing, not quantity. As new people contact you through your other efforts, go ahead and be-friend them on Facebook so you can keep in constant contact with them through your social media presence.

Your Messages

Keep in mind that a social media site like Facebook is a site where people go to keep in touch with friends and family. They go to these pages to stay informed and up to date on current events, too. They may have signed up to receive information from their favorite stores, restaurants, and so forth, but they don’t want their Facebook experience to be chock full of ads. They enjoy hearing about special promotions every once in awhile, but often the benefit is greater when you use these sites to develop relationships and generate interest. Annoying people through the wrong type of message will quickly lead to a “do not contact” type of experience in which they un-friend you. So work to develop a stream of messages that talk about your lifestyle, successes of those who you have worked with, and other such messages.

Develop a Plan

Facebook marketing is most successful when it is not done haphazardly. Some people will get really turned off by what you are saying and may block your messages entirely if you bombard with new messages every few hours. Instead of quantity, again you want to focus on quality here. You can develop your posts a few weeks or even months in advance if you want, and have them ready to simply copy and paste into the site at strategic times. Consider adding a new post first thing every morning or every other morning.

The Goal With Facebook Marketing

When you keep in mind that the goal of Facebook marketing is not to recruit and actively sell, but rather to generate greater interest and further develop a relationship with your contacts, you will find that your efforts on this site are far more successful.

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