Gano Excel Review – An Unbiased Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

As an active network marketer, I’m always on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. And over the last year or so, there has been quite a buzz about a company called Gano Excel. If you’re looking for some information about Gano Excel, or if you’re doing some research on Gano, make sure you read this short review as I will go into the company, the products, the compensation plan and, most importantly, what it will take to truly succeed in it.

Gano Excel was started  in 1995 in Malaysia. It was founded by three people: Leow Soon Seng, (President of Gano Excel International), Lew Soon Kiak (CEO of Gano Excel) and Ooi Kheng Seng (President of Gano Excel Malaysia).

Gano Excel specializes in Ganoderma research and markets various Ganoderma-based products, from supplements to beverages to personal care, through a network marketing distribution model. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom found in Asia, where it has been used for it’s medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine for 4,000 years. Some of it’s supposed benefits include relieving fatigue, keeping blood pressure controlled, taming inflammation, increased stamina and providing immune system support.

Because of it’s reputed benefits, along with the absence of adverse side effects, Ganoderma has earned a reputation in some Asian countries to be the ultimate herbal substance.

Despite being started in Malaysia, Gano Excel now has a presence in 60 countries, and is expanding into Europe, Africa, South America and North America.

As far as the compensation plan goes, it operates on a binary structure., but there a some ways you can get paid on your unilevel team. All in all, there are a total of 5 ways you can get paid in the compensation plan: Directs sales, Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, Check Match Bonus and Pool Bonuses. There are a couple of ways to get started ranging from $25 to be a basic distributor all the way to $995 for a business builder package.

In closing, after doing some research, it’s pretty obvious that Gano Excel is not a scam but a legitimate business opportunity. They have a strong corporate structure and sell high quality, marketable products. They also have a very strong compensation plan for people that aren’t afraid of putting in a lot of work and time into building their own business. However, simply joining Gano Excel will not guarantee you success. The only thing that Gano provides is an opportunity, nothing more, nothing less. Ultimately, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor people, market products and training your business partners to do the same.  If you can do this, then there’s a good chance that you can build a strong income with the Gano Excel opportunity. But if you can’t accomplish this, you will be dead in the water.

It’s for this reason that you need to get the right training and find a marketing system that will allow you to generate 50-100 leads a day for your Gano business. Without leads, it doesn’t matter how good Gano is, because you will not be able to share it with anyone.

If you’re dead serious about joining Gano, I recommend that you seek out someone to show you how to market the right way, and a marketing system you can use to get leads on autopilot.

Jaime Soriano wrote this Gano Excel Review for people looking into the Gano business opportunity. Sadly, most Gano reps will never achieve the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills needed to personally sponsor 10-20 people a month. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your Gano business, visit Jaime’s MLM Training

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