How To Generate Leads For Your Network Marketing Business That Doesn’t Require You To Be A Guru

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’re excited about your network marketing opportunity and you’re ready to conquer the world. The problem is you burned through your warm market and don’t have anyone left to talk to. In this article, I will show you a simple way to grow a new warm market and generate leads for your business, without spending a dime or being an internet guru.

Before I go into this super simple tip, let me go into this “warm market issue” that people have. Most people that think they don’t have a warm market actually do, they just haven’t taken the time to really sit down, put pen to paper and write down every single person they’ve ever known. In addition, most people don’t realize that every person they know has a warm market also. If they just took the time to sit down with people and ask for referrals, it’s possible that they may be able to come up with a list of 50-100 warm market referrals to talk to. My point is, I don’t think you really ever run out of a warm market because your warm market, and your warm market’s warm market, grows all the time.

However, I also know that there are some people that have to start from scratch. Maybe they just moved to a new area where they don’t know anyone yet. Maybe they’ve joined other companies in the past that flopped and have lost credibility in their warm market. Whatever the case may be, it’s still possible to build a business, even if you had to start from ground zero.

Now, there are many ways to market and generate leads, offline and online. But in this article, I’ll go into how you can get online and start building a new warm market from scratch quickly.  The cool thing is you can do it for free and you don’t have to be an internet guru to do it.

You can build a new warm market by joining and participating in social networking sites. Social sites, like Facebook, are a great way to meet new people. Think about it, if people can find their future spouses on social sites, you certainly can find some new friends… especially on Facebook where there are more than 400,000,000 people on it.

They key is to do it right. Here are some keys to help you get an idea of how to grow you warm market through social networking:

1. Have a genuine interest in connecting with people. Don’t just see them as a dollar sign. Check out their profile, see if you have something in common, and then leave them a message to introduce yourself and make a note about how you have a common interest.

2. Don’t pitch your business to them on the first conversation. Make it a point to have 2-4 conversations so you can build rapport with them. Remember, you’re trying to build a new warm market. Your goal is not to alienate a whole new set of people because you’re shoving your business down their throat.

3. Don’t spam people’s inboxes and post links on their profile promoting your business. Again, your goal is to connect with people and build relationships, not throw your business in their face.

4. Use common sense. What works offline also translates online. Don’t be rude or a jerk. Just like when you’re offline, being nice to someone goes a lot farther than being mean.

Remember, network marketing is a numbers game and a certain percentage of people will still not be interested in what you’re offering. However, if you made it a point to add and connect with 25 people a day, in 90 days, you would have made contact with 2,250 new people. If all you did was build a mini-friendship with 100 people out of the 2,250 you made contact with, you would’ve built a new warm market of 100 people in 90 days from scratch. It does take a little time, but would you rather invest some time to build a new warm market from home or would you rather go cold market prospecting at the mall? (And get kicked out… again.)

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