How To Train Your Network Marketing Reps Effectively

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The biggest challenge faced by some Network Marketing reps is that they don't train their team members effectively. Too often, you'll see a Network Marketing rep get excited about what they see, sponsor a few people and then kick back... thinking that they big money will start rolling in. A secondary challenge that some Network Marketing reps encounter is having the wrong mindset when it comes to building their business. Meaning, some of them think they can only sponsor a handful of reps and then manage , or ride, those reps to financial freedom. This just isn't the case. To be successful, you need to be able to consistently and personally sponsor new and excited people into your business, while training them in an effective manner.

A nice feature of the Network Marketing compensation plan is that it is a binary, which allows you to focus your attention on only two teams. With that said, the biggest drawback of this feature is it gives a new rep the misconception that they only have to sponsor two people to be successful. Understand that to reach the top of the company, you must sponsor many, many people. In fact, I'll be willing to bet that the top producing IMDs have all personally sponsored around 80-100 people.

In this article, I will give you three business ideas that will put you on track to building your Network Marketing business more productively:

1. The most significant activity you need to put your attention on is personal sponsoring. It's so important that at least 90% of your time needs to be invested in this area alone. Always remember, a new rep will solve 90% of your problems. Also, since your team will duplicate whatever you do, it's critical that you show them that the success you're experiencing is because of your relentless efforts to sponsor new people.

2. 9% of your time should be invested in teaching your new team members how to productive and how to build their own businesses. Obviously, you will want to educate and train them on how to sponsor new people on a consistent basis since that is what will cause them to have the most success over time.

3. The 1% of time you have left, should be spent on other aspects of your business. Do not spend your precious time on dealing with customer service issues or website challenges. Network Marketing has it's own departments that handle that. simply direct any issues to it's respective departments so you can stay focused on building your business.

If you're dead-serious about succeeding in Network Marketing, it's critical that you allot the proper time to business-building activities. Being productive in your business is critically important if you want to make the money they talk about on the Network Marketing presentation. If you get caught up in miscellaneous activities that don't directly effect your commissions checks, you will find yourself struggling in your Network Marketing business.

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