If You Are A Network Marketer, This Article May Shock You

I remember when I first got involved in network marketing over 12 years ago, I would attend weekly meetings, Super Saturday's and International Conventions where the "Top Producers" and "Company Heroes" were highlighted and their lifestyles were shown on huge screens for all to see.

Leaving events like this, I would be so motivated it wouldn't be uncommon for me to strike up a conversation with the first person I bumped into walking out of the event, get their phone number and ultimately call them about my business.

The challenge with that approach is that 9 out of 10 people don't have the personality to do that.  But using "The 3 Foot Rule" is one of the methods of prospecting taught at most companies, way back then and even today.  Unfortunately, teaching this method actually sets up 9 out of 10 people for failure.

The other challenge I faced was not being equipped to talk to people who were already successful business owners.  I was taught to "just go through the numbers" and "you can't say the wrong thing to the right person".  And while I agree with this mentality, the reality is that your business would take off like a rocket ship if you sponsored highly successful people who may already be making six-figures a year or even own their own business.  Why? Because they usually have a ton of credibility and clout, already know what it takes to build a business and don't have an "employee mindset".  It's important to know how to professionally explain network marketing to entrepreneurs because VERY FEW of them actually understand it.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way by getting MASSIVE rejection whenever I would contact a friend, family member or someone I met in public.  Even if they set-up an appointment with me, the chips were already stacked against me before I opened my mouth because they were misinformed and resistant to the industry.

Does "The 3 Foot Rule" and "Just talk to people because you can't say the wrong thing..." work?

Yes... but only for about 5% of network marketers active in the industry.  What about the 95%? If they're ill-equipped with the tools to position themselves in front of people who actually are open to what they're offering, and ill-equipped to deal with highly successful leads, why would you expect them to succeed?

Back during the Gold Rush, guess who got rich?  It wasn't the people trying to find gold.  It was the people selling the picks and shovels.

If you want to have a huge edge in network marketing today, you have to first learn how to sell picks and shovels (Ex. valuable content and information) and then support that effort with digging for gold (Ex. recruiting).

These are the "new" rules of the game.

Back when I got started in this industry 12 years ago, the internet wasn't really a big deal and reps were shielded from buying tapes outside of the tapes sold within the company by company leaders (Yes, I'm old school... I said TAPES!).  Today, selling information on the front-end about succeeding in network marketing is a BIG business which can provide immediate cashflow and a means to monetize the "NOs" you'' get while building your business.

The rules of the game are changing.

Trust me, your downline retention will go through the roof when your reps now make money (through funded proposals and affiliate products) when someone tells them "NO".  And that's a beautiful thing.

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