Ignite – Is It A Real Opportunity To Capitalize On Energy Deregulation Or Is It A Scam?

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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re researching Ignite and looking into their business opportunity. You might even be wondering if Ignite is a credible company or a scam. In either case, I want to encourage you to read this entire Ignite reviewo you can make an educated decision about the company and it’s business opportunity. In this unbiased third party review, I’ll cover information on the company itself, their service, their compensation plan and whether or not Ignite is a credible company or a scam.

First Things First, What Is Ignite’s Background?

Ignite is a relatively young network marketing company that markets energy services. The company was started in 2004 and is based in Texas. In 2009, the company did $845 million in revenue, and they’re projecting to go over $902 million in revenue in 2010. They’ve received several awards over the years and, just recently, they were named the 16th Largest Direct Selling Company In The World by Direct Selling News

The company’s management team has decades of experience, with the vast majority of them coming from Excel Communications, another network marketing company that is no longer in business. Obviously, there will be people that look at the fact that many management team members came from a company that went out of business. However, if you do some research, you’ll see that the members of the management team are not the people at fault. Also, you also need to think about the fact that they know how to deal with a network marketing company selling a service that is going through deregulation. Another relevant point, from a business perspective, that you need to consider is that the company is operating in only 3 states at the moment. Again, you might look at that as a negative. However, you also need to consider that as they open up new states, as an existing distributor, you can capitalize on opening those markets. Overall, the company looks stable with a solid infrastructure.

What Does Ignite Market?

While the services slightly vary from state to state, to summarize Ignite markets electricity and gas. In my opinion, this service enables Ignite distributors to capitalize on two major marketing factors. First, you’re marketing a service that everyone already uses and pays for every month so they’re no need to really sell the service. Second, because there’s no break in service the customer doesn’t have to jump through hoops to get their service switched, which is good for the sales process. Based on the website, customers can save a little money on their energy bill, which is another plus. From a marketing perspective, Ignite’s service and customer acquisition process looks to be a winning combination.

The Ignite Business Opportunity

As far as the business opportunity is concerned, you can become an Ignite distributor by paying a start-up fee, as you would with any other business. The compensation plan provides a few ways you can get paid, but they can all be divided into two categories: Upfront bonuses when new people join your organization and get qualified and monthly residual income based on building a base of paying customers. Overall, for the right person, the business opportunity can be quite lucrative.

Is Ignite A Scam?

In closing, after doing research and writing this Ignite review, it’s not hard to see that Ignite is definitely not a scam. They have an experienced management team, quality services and a solid business opportunity. However, having all those things, and even the fact that Ignite isn’t a scam, is not enough to succeed. At the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new people, get customers and build a productive organization. My recommendation is to use a self branding attraction marketing system, that will help you generate leads and monetize prospects that don’t join your business. If you effectively use a system like that, and combine it with Ignite’s business opportunity, you can very well be on you way to building a very successful business.

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