June 10, 2013 – Quick Update and Art Williams (VIDEO)

updateSo it's been almost two weeks since my last post, so I decided to jump on my blog just to share a quick update. For the most part, I've been working and building my new primary business offline. I think because I do have a presence online and have been marketing online for the past two plus years, a lot of people forget that I started in the Industry 15 years ago offline and built my biggest teams offline. So it's been pretty nuts on my end. I've been glued to my phone and meeting with people... and I've got to tell you that I'm super EXCITED about the journey I'm starting...
That being said, I'm still promoting Empower Network and My Lead System Pro.
Because in my opinion, there's no other Attraction Marketing community around that provides the amount of value and training that My Lead System Pro (MLSP) does.
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And when it comes to affiliate programs online, there hasn't been anything hotter over the last 18 months than Empower Network. The training in the back office is top notch and the ability to earn 100% commissions not only upfront but monthly is extremely attractive.
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One last thing about Empower Network...
I have over $2,085 in bonuses on the table for you that you'll have instant access to once you join me and Team Prosperity.
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WHEW... OK... that's my spam for the day! LOL
It's funny how things come full circle. When I first got into this Industry I started with a company that marketing life insurance and investments. The founder of that company was a man by the name of Art Williams. I can still remember driving to meetings several times a week and listening to nothing else but Art Williams training tapes.
And now that I'm starting a new journey with a new company, I've been listening to Art Williams training material again... and his training is still relevant today. Pretty amazing!
Regardless of whatever company you might be building or what type of business you may have, listening to Art Williams can have major impact on you, your mindset and your business.
In the video below, Art gives his legendary "Do It Speech" to an auditorium full of pastors and religious leaders. There are so many 'golden nuggets' in this short 20-minute video.
Watch it... twice if you're dead serious about creating success for you and your family!
Click PLAY To Watch The Video
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Talk soon...
To Your Success,
Jaime Soriano

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