List Builders – The Top Secret Tool That Savvy Online Marketers Use To Build Their List Fast

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, Attraction Marketing Coach

So you’re ready to start building your network marketing business online, and you’re excited about building your email list. And, while you’re investing a few hours a day marketing, it seems that it is just taking forever to build your list. Well, what can you do if you’re building your list but you also want to start generating leads and making sales as fast as you can? You do what some savvy online marketers do and market to other people’s lists. Now, you might be wondering what I mean by that or how you can do that too. In this article, I’ll share an insider secret that many top online marketers use to generate leads fast. It’s something you can do even if this is your very first day marketing online.

Many savvy online marketers use list builders to generate leads fast. List builders are a great way for you to reach tens of thousands of people even if you don’t have a single email in your personal list. The reason you’re able to reach that many people is because you’re basically marketing to someone else’s list. There are many list builder services online today and many of them have 100,000 or more email subscribers on their list. For a fee, these list builders services will let you market to their list. In my opinion, it’s well worth the cost because you’re getting the chance to market to a targeted list that took years to build. While I definitely recommend that you leverage a list builder to get your list growing quickly, there are some things you need to know and be aware of if you want to get good results.

For one, the people who will be receiving your emails probably get bombarded by other people promoting their product or opportunity. And, many times they might not even bother opening your email if it looks and sounds like all the rest. In order to increase the chances of your email getting opened, you really need to get in the mind frame of the person you’re marketing to. For example, if the person you’re marketing to is already a network marketer and you’re sending a spammy email about your company, there’s a good chance that they will ignore your email and not even open it. However, if you send an email marketing a solution to most network marketers problem, which is lack of leads and lack of cash, the likelihood of your email getting opened and read increases significantly.

Here’s an example to elaborate on what I mean:

1st Subject Line: Get In My Company Because We Have The Best Products In The Universe

2nd Subject Line: How To Generate Free Leads On Facebook For YOUR MLM Business

Which email do you think will get opened more? Which one would you open?

If you said the 2nd one, you’re absolutely right. Why? Because it appeals to the person receiving the email. Chances are they’re already a network marketer, but they lack enough leads to be successful. Also, they probably already have a Facebook account but they don’t know how to generate leads on it. Lastly, your giving them a solution and talking about their business, not yours (notice it says YOUR MLM business… not MY MLM business)

Here’s another example:

1st Subject Line: Join My Team Because We Have The Best Comp Plan In History!!!

2nd Subject Line: The Top Secret Tactic That Savvy Marketers Use To Make Money Even When People Say NO To Their Business

Again, which email do you think will get opened more? Which one would you open?

If you said the 2nd, you’re right again. Why? Again, it appeals to the person getting your email. If they are a network marketer, chances are 9 out of 10 people are saying NO to their business opportunity. Monetizing that large group and still profiting even when people say NO is very appealing to them because they probably want to make more money. Are you starting to get it?

In closing…

Using a list builder service is a good idea if you want to reach tens of thousands of people even if you have very few people on your personal email list. There are many services available online, and for the most part, they all work pretty well. You just need to remember the mindset of the people you’re emailing if you want to yield decent results. My advice is while you’re producing your personal content and implementing long-term strategies, use a list builder to get your lead flow going right out of the gate.


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