MLM Home Based Business - The Secret Of Recruiting More Reps Into Your MLM


Simply put: "The secret of recruiting is not in FINDING the right person; but in BEING the right person."

Too many network marketers feel all they have to do is find ONE good person and then they can retire.  But somehow, that superstar never seems to come into their group.  The network marketer waits, searches, waits, searches... and that ONE good person is never found.  It's this "lottery" mentality that causes many marketers to fail in this industry.  Some marketers think they can find ONE person, kick their heels back and get filthy rich.

Professional network marketers know this is not the case.  Professionals know that it's easier to ATTRACT good people.  Rather than searching, begging, convincing and blackmailing prospects into becoming new reps, professionals spend their time and efforts attracting good people into their business by setting the example and being the kind of leader that winners want to run with.  How do they do this?  By BECOMING the right person and the type of leader that people are desperately looking for.  The vast majority of people are looking for positive, inspirational and knowledgeable guidance.  And since there are so few leaders that can provide this, professional network marketers only have to PROVIDE THIS SERVICE. This is why it's so important to work harder on YOU than on any other aspect of your business.  Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't work on your business and your skills... but working on YOU is something that a lot of marketers neglect to do.  If you don't work on yourself, you'll fail to build a "value gap" between you and your prospects.  And without a "value gap", why would someone want to partner with you?

Your goal, as a leader, is to become the right person. Otherwise, no matter how hard you work to find good people, you'll still fail because you can't offer them what they're looking for in a leader.  In order to develop these characteristics of leadership it's critical that you understand that you are RESPONSIBLE for where you are in life.  When you're faced with trials, do you find excuses, or do you accept the situation and find a solution?

Make it a new habit to work on yourself DAILY. And as long as you have a good work ethic, good support from a mastermind team and a GREAT attitude, you will succeed in recruiting new reps and building your network marketing business!

But wait...


You still have little to no chance of succeeding in your MLM business UNLESS you learn how to do a couple of things...

If you’re building a an mlm, home based business, online, there are THREE things you MUST do to succeed.  You must have ALL THREE to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

These three things are:

1. A System To Brand YOURSELF (What Sets You Apart From Other MLM Reps?)

2. A System To Generate 25-50 Leads A Day (25 Is The MAGIC NUMBER!)

3. A Way To Profit From Prospects That DON’T Join Your Business ($$$)

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