MLM Home Based Business Training - 3 Basic Principles Of How You Should Treat People

From The Desk Of Jaime Soriano, MLM Coach


In network marketing, the ONLY way you can succeed is by helping other people succeed. In other words, the more people you help, the more success you have. Art Williams, multi-millionaire and founder of A.L. Williams (now known as Network Marketing), coined a phrase over 30 years ago called "Pushing Up People". What does "Pushing Up People" actually mean? In a nutshell, it's about treating people right and in a way that actually praises and encourages them instead of treating them like employees or people "under" you.

Here are 3 recommendations for applying the "Pushing Up People" concept in your business:

#1. Put Yourself Last - Never talk about what YOU want. Your team members actually don't care about what YOU want, they're concerned about what THEY want. And that's OK because it's human nature to have a "What's In It For Me?" mentality. ALWAYS talk about THEM and what THEY want. Talk about THEM advancing through your company's ranks. Talk about THEM winning the company contest. Talk about THEM breaking income milestones. As a by-product, YOU will advance, win company contest and break through income milestones.

#2. Don't Be More Concerned About Your Income, Be More Concerned About Their Income - Keep in mind, that if you're team members make money, you'll make money. I know this is extremely BASIC and something you've probably heard a gazillion times, but it still amazes me how many network marketing reps totally drop the ball on this one. The typical rep is usually so focused on themselves that they don't go to work with their new rep to build their new rep's team and income. This in turn usually sets up their new rep for failure and quitting the business. Of course, this puts the typical rep in square one - by him/herself. However, if the same rep simply went to work with a handful of people and really put the spotlight on those people and helped them sponsor a handful of people, they can position themselves for a "small" check that can turn into a "medium-sized" check that can turn into a "large" check. Now, I KNOW that it doesn't work that way all the time in the "real world", but I'm trying to making a point that working with others and growing their businesses will eventually grow yours.

#3. Treat People Like They Have A Flashing Sign On Their Chest That Says "Make Me Feel Special" - People are starving for praise and recognition. At their jobs and at their homes, the typical person gets NO recognition. Knowing this, you can make people feel so special and appreciated just by giving them sincere compliments and praising them for any little thing they do right. Don't discourage people and point out everything they do wrong. They're BOSS at work already does that. Be different... Be the someone they actually WANT to be around because of the way they feel around you.

In closing, always remember that if you're in network marketing, you are in the PEOPLE business. And if you want to ATTRACT and RETAIN people, you better practice "Pushing Up People".


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